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What’s In Store for 2018?

What a loaded question! I think it’s so funny that we get all excited about turning over a calendar page when in reality it’s really just another day…but I have to confess I get caught up in the idea of new beginnings! Somehow just the thought is stimulating, exciting, so much anticipation and imagination. Possibilities are indeed endless!

2018 Planning Party

I’ve been enjoying several “challenges” this past year and I decided to end the year with just one more! I’m linking up with quiltingJETgirl for a fun #2018PlanningParty sharing my goals and plans for 2018.

Goal Setting

2017 had a lot of goals, the biggest one was rebranding after 13 years of being a longarm quilter as Quilts ‘N Kaboodle to branching out with multiple facets as The Quilt Rambler. Three major quilting events happened that confirmed my business goals were going in the right direction. (1) I became an Island Batik Ambassador (2) two original design patterns were submitted and included in Island Batik’s Fall Market catalog and (3) I was certified with Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design.

Hurricane Harvey blew some of the goals to the back burner. During the cleanup, I actually ran across the pad of paper where I had written down my 2017 goals…

The Quilt Rambler 2017 Goals

Ya’know, if you keep your goals hidden in the back of a drawer it’s kinda hard to work towards them! Can’t say I really accomplished any of those simple goals.

Goal Considerations for 2018

I haven’t really taken time to reflect on new goals. Like most people, we just repeat the same goals – thinking that doing the same thing will give different results. This year I hope to be more accountable and actually achieve goals in 2018 in all areas of my life.

The Quilt Rambler UFO projects
Guild Sew Ins were a great motivator to finish up UFO projects, some just needing borders to be finished

I have storage boxes full of UFO’s dating back decades, it would be a lofty goal to say I would work on one a month…I started 2017 off doing just that…but that’s not exactly on my radar for 2018… Oh, don’t misunderstand, I have all good intentions of finishing projects that I started – not to mention the 25+ completed quilt tops that are “quilting in waiting” – waiting to be quilted… but these are not the top priority… one reason because they are inaccessible right now in storage with Harvey recovery.  But the main reason is I have so many other ideas in my head that need to be done.

Without much ramble, as I’ve been so long-winded for this whole #31dayblogchallenge…here are a few of my goals – as with anything, it’s a journey, not a destination. No pass or fail, only try!

Quilting Goals:

  • Set outs from Certified Instructor training with Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design

    To travel more with lectures and teaching

  • Make class sample quilts for workshops
  • Make step-outs for Studio 180 Design tools and technique sheets
  • Continue with Island Batik as an Ambassador creating projects to showcase their beautiful fabric line
  • Design and publish more patterns (3 are in the works to be released in 2018)
  • Submit design(s) to a quilt magazine as consideration for publication
  • Host a Quilt-along
  • Research, develop and fine tune better social media skills
  • Quilt my own quilts in addition to customer quilts
  • Attend guild sew-ins, perhaps a retreat or two
  • Redo my studio! Harvey reconstruction can’t come fast enough!

Personal Goals:

  •  Remain active in worshiping and serving at my church
  • Attend as many of the Women’s Ministry events as possible
  • Be more aware of my health:
    • continue with South Beach Diet – down 7 pounds since starting in November! (Holidays aren’t the best time to start a diet!)
    • Join the local gym for water aerobics
    • Ride my bike as much as possible
    • Relax more – I hear the Tiki Hut Hammock calling my name
    • Go on a fall cruise with my husband
    • Take the RV out on the road – not just a place to stay during reconstruction
    • Enjoy the process of reconstruction – keep the end goal in mind – it’s going to be better than it was!
    • Don’t forget to laugh

But Wait, There’s More!

With me, there’s always more! Right now I think this is a good framework to begin the new year. Keep first things first, for me that’s Jesus – and the rest will follow…health, relaxation, new business opportunities. creative outlets to share my love of quilting….and on and on it goes!  The most important thing is to not take myself too seriously that I forget it’s suppose to be fun!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, eager to turn over that calendar page to a New Year.  May your 2018 be filled with hope and love…oh! And lots of quilting!!

PS This completes my 31st blog post during the #31dayblogchallenge hosted by muppin.com – thanks for the challenge!!










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  1. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up, Karen. I hope that the reconstruction goes smoothly for you and I love your attitude about it being better than before and hope you can maintain your positive outlook throughout the process. I wish you a lot of quilting joy in 2018; Happy New Year!

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