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What is Your Word of the Year?

Yesterday the DJ on the radio asked listeners to use one word to describe their 2017. My busy brain got to thinking and I thought of several one-word descriptions … of course I did! You don’t expect a rambler to be limited to one word, do you?

I asked the question of my husband who is a man of few words and he simply said “water.”

New – Is That My Word of 2017?

New. I had to stop and try to remember the earlier parts of the year pre-Harvey. In doing so I realized that beginning of the new year 2017 I had a complete studio redo, rebranded and restructured from my 13-year-old business Quilts ‘N Kaboodle to my new business The Quilt Rambler and launched a YouTube channel with plans for lots of tutorials and fun quilting stuff.

The Quilt Rambler, Let's Talk Quilts on YouTube

I also became a new Island Batik Ambassador and through this association discovered that I have a knack for designing. Later in the year, I commissioned a new logo …. hum, is “new” my word of the year?

Perseverance – Possibly My Word of The Year

Texas Autograph Quilt made for Scotland Missionaries by The Quilt RamblerI like the word perseverance. It speaks to me of someone working towards their goals. One example that comes to mind this year is Pastor Dan and Angela working towards their goal of being missionaries to Scotland – they persevered and made the move across the big pond earlier this year, taking a little of Texas with them 🤠



Perseverance for me as a quilter began with my goal of traveling to lecture and teach. This is still in its infancy of developing but I began the journey with a workshop for my pattern Illuminated Journey this May in Arizona.




Another goal met this year was becoming a Certified Instructor with Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design. You could say that the week-long training was an example of perseverance. Actually, it was a whole lot of fun along with the hard work!

Studio 180 Design Certified Instructors Class of 2017


Hurricane Harvey Bacliff TXHurricane Harvey is NOT my word of the year, however, due to Harvey, I’ve thought of other potential words of the year – like Others

If ever there were a year of others this would be it! People caring for others – especially in response to the storm! Where would I have been had it not been for others?  From my new friend Belinda helping me navigate the possibility and then the reality of Harvey hitting my home while I was in Iowa (the entire class actually was one major love and support group) to the adoption of this refugee by the Tuckers, and of course, the many quilt angels who washed all my fabric and quilts post-Harvey. And let’s not forget the people from church that helped with the cleanup!

Others – that’s a strong candidate for my word of the year indeed.

Friends who helped me during Hurricane Harvey

Other Nominees For My Word of the Year

FamilyGrateful. It goes without saying how grateful I am to have my family all in tack. Others weren’t so fortunate this past year.

Enough – not as in “I’ve had enough” but I have enough. My needs are more than met, I’ve been so blessed.

Endurance – as the visiting pastor said last night, life is a test. So many things this year, even before Harvey, made us feel like we were on a continual endurance test!

Overcomer – by the grace of God we are more than conquerors! Life is hard, we all have different paths but we can all persevere, encourage each other and take time to count our blessings.

My Word of the Year


Actually – this is the word of the ages. It’s as simple as the song “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so”. My life, my joy is all because of Jesus. It’s not a religion it’s a relationship. My core value is based on this relationship – and it’s one I like to share. It’s not a shallow cliché when I say Jesus is the reason for the season. It’s my hope that you share this relationship too!


 This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, thanking you for sharing my journey in more than words





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