Waiting at The Station

Waiting…it’s not my finest character trait. Sometimes I can wait patiently, even quietly, but more times than not I might appear to be calmly waiting on the outside but, oh my goodness, on the inside I’m chomping at the bit ~ I just can’t wait!!

I’ve been eagerly looking toward the horizon, eager to spill the beans, so totally excited about what’s coming down the tracks…It’s just around the bend, not too far actually!

Whistle Stop Tour – Steam Engine

Yep! Monday, September 9th the train will pull in the station and you are going to be so glad for the “all aboard” call!

I know you are eagerly going to jump on the train with us for a fun and exciting quilt-a-long featuring Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design tools with Deb Tucker’s signature fabric line with Island Batik, Steam Engine.

Be prepared, get your “ticket” by visiting Deb Tucker’s blog post to find the entire schedule, tools needed as well as fabric requirements.

The wait is almost over! See you Monday as yours truly gets to be the engine on this whistle stop tour! I promise, it will be worth the wait!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, dusting off the sewing machine to get this train ready!

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