Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a week that knocked my socks off, and not necessarily in a good way.

PS, it’s actually gotten cool enough to wear these warm socks. Last night it was in the 50’s (gotta love the Texas Gulf Coast!)

Things started going a little crazy last week when I discovered I’d been cloned on Instagram. Fortunately the imposter was removed rather quickly.

And then there were technical difficulties as I was preparing barcodes for products in my new online shopping platform.

But the real clincher that made me want to sing the old Hee-Haw song, “if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all”, came on Weds and continued thru Thanksgiving morning….website issues! Sigh.

I received an email from my web host early Weds morning that there had been some sort of security alert, with instructions on how to go into my site and change all sorts of passwords, deal with the data base or something….Without rehashing the entire nightmare let me just say, I had no idea of all the behind the scenes coding that it takes to keep a website running! Oh, and on a positive note I had some of the best customer service/techs, even though I had three separate two hour phone calls between Wednesday morning and Thursday up until mid afternoon. Time I had rather spend doing something else that’s for sure.

By the way, I learned that the problem effected over a million of their customer base so I felt rather blessed that my call was answered, I joked with my first tech, Bradley from England, that I was “one in a million.” Another interesting tid-bit, within an hour of my first call I had to call again, and guess what! I got Bradley once again, “what are the odds” he said. I told him that I had cried out to God for help and He answered by giving me the same tech to save time in having to explain where we were in the problem solving!

My tech on Thanksgiving was Vince from the Philippines – he was equally helpful. I told him that I was glad it wasn’t a holiday in his country so he wasn’t missing out on family and food (grin).

Bottom line, the website is back up and running. The biggest scare was when it totally disappeared and I was crushed thinking I had lost 5 years worth of blogging. Strange as that may be, I count on photos on my phone and blog posts to “remember” important things in my life…a good way to review and count blessings actually.

All this added frustration of jammed label machine, crashed websites, still working on setting up my online store just makes me more determined that good things are on the horizon!

There is still a lot of behind the scenes work to do before tomorrow. We are on “Baby Watch” for granddaughter number two while we continue to help out mom & dad by keeping granddaughter number one so they can work their home business while preparing for a new addition to the family. Lots of hours with tea parties, sandbox castles, puzzles and games bring so much joy (with lots of early mornings and late nights catching up on my work – kinda like working a double shift over here).

I guess all this to say that….it’s been a frustrating week trying to balance family, work, and technical difficulties but when I see the delight on the face of our grandchild, or hear her sweet voice when she bursts out in song….well….ya’ gotta know it brings a smile to my face and a tear in my eye knowing that this bundle of joy is indeed my why…nothing better than hearing her say “Oma, I love you very much” from the backseat of the car as we went grocery shopping together the other day.

Thanks for letting me catch up with my online journaling (grin). I hope you’ve had a happy Thanksgiving with your family, and if you are so inclined, please join me with your presence and comments on my Small Business Saturday LIVE event. Window shopping is highly encouraged, as I like to say, a rambler needs an audience and I’m eager to have you join me on this new adventure! Click on the Store tab for more information.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler…sometimes rattled, but remaining Unshaken in the things that matter the most.

The concrete footprints are her daddy’s made as a child….memories in the making! “Dad-da, so big”

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