Terms & Conditions Land Locked Quilting Cruise™

Please note, a few items have been updated – specifically reduced cost and payment schedule. Questions? Contact us!

Terms & Conditions

A $200 deposit per person is required to secure your reservation in the classroom for this (LLQC) event along with a completed registration form.

Attendees will make independent arrangements for their hotel reservations through Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake, requesting the group rate for Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ at the time of reservation.

All balances for the LLQC shall be paid in full to The Quilt Rambler/JEO Enterprises LLC no later than the final payment date March 30, 2021. Final payments received after that date will be charged a $25 late fee, except for reservations made after that date (space allowing), which must be paid in full at the time of reservation.

Credit Cards and payments by Checks are accepted. Payment for any returned checks must be made by money order or certified check and will include a $50 return check fee, sent to The Quilt Rambler by overnight mail to bring the account in good standing.

Optional fabric kits are offered and must be reserved  Kits will be prepaid to be delivered at the event’s check-in on May 12, 2021.

UPDATE: 2.10.21 Fabric kits available while supplies last, prepaid at time of order.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations for the Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ fee must be received in writing with a statement concerning the reason for canceling.

Note – Hotel cancellations are per Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake policies. It is the responsibility of the individual to make inquiries concerning hotel cancelation.

Please note, our cancelation policy has been updated 2.10.2021

* Prior to final payment (February 28, 2021): loss of $150 full deposit refund until 1/28/21

* Between final payment and 60 days (March 1- March 13, 2021):  loss of 50%  non-refundable $150

* Days 59 – 30 prior to event (March 14 – April 11, 2021): loss of 75% 50% of the event fee

Day 29 or less (April 12 to May 11, 2021): loss of the entire event fee*

* exception – if the event has a waiting list and someone on that list can take your vacated space you may be eligible for a refund up to 75% of the event fee. To be determined after the conclusion of the event.

In the event of cancellation, all prepaid fabric kits will be shipped, along with the accompany pattern, to the home address provided at registration. Shipments will begin after May 15, 2021.


In the unanticipated circumstance beyond the control of The Quilt Rambler/JEO Enterprises LLC and/or Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake (including, but not limited to: acts of God; government regulation, including but not limited to, government regulations prohibiting travel to the city in which the Hotel is located over the Event dates and/or the issuance of a “Level 3 Travel Warning” by the Centers for Disease Control that specifically advises travelers to avoid all non-essential travel to the city in which the Hotel/event is located and which travel advisory is in effect over the Event dates; terrorist attacks in the city in which Hotel/Event is located; or declared war in the United States) make it illegal or impossible for Hotel to hold the Event. 

In this unlikelihood, Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ fees will be applied toward a future event. The Quilt Rambler will not be able to offer refunds.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

By registering for this event, the attendee agrees to hold harmless The Quilt Rambler/JEO Enterprises, LLC and their event staff members harmless against injury, damages, or losses that might incur during this event from registration to the completion of the event.



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