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I’ve been working on blocks for my Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor Recertification. About to wrap it up and hopeful to have everything in the mail by the end of today. One of the things I’ve learned in quilting is to stop and take a closer look. What can I do to improve, what can I “live with” knowing that I’m still learning?

Take for example…my need to take a break from precision sewing. Yep. Needed to clear my mind from what had to be done to sewing something just for fun.

I decided to make an Open Wide 2.0 bag (patterns By Annie) as I have enjoyed my original Open Wide (1.0 perhaps?) made several years ago. I’m not exactly sure what changed between the two pattern versions, but like the rest of us, Annie probably learned something new that made the existing pattern better. All I know is it was a wonderful mental break that resulted in something both fun and functional.

Taking a closer look as I compared the old and the new – I can’t say that I’ve mastered machine binding, but I have improved!

Back to the S180D CI blocks…. for some reason I was having difficulty with my Wedge Star Diamond Four Patch coming together. I was frustrated as I’ve made jillions of Blazing Star Lemoyne blocks and this was similar…something wasn’t just right.

Time for a mental health day – we have had two beautiful days of sunshine and temps in the low 70’s – nature was calling my name!

I recently upgraded my phone to one with a better camera…time to take advantage of taking a closer look through my lens.

I could write a story about those rocks! Doesn’t it look like an inviting trail in a meadow perhaps by a babbling brook? Can’t you just imagine the serenity of nature surrounding this?

Hate to burst the bubble – this was actually a small grassy area between a parking lot of a fast food restaurant — wait for it — and the dumpster! Yep. Things aren’t always as they seem, but by taking a closer look and focusing on the beauty of the rocks instead of just seeing a pathway to a dumpster I found joy in the moment!

Back in the studio I discovered my error…as my dad would say, “all else fails read instructions!”  Because I was so familiar with the blazing star technique and thinking I could save a step…. well…let’s just say when Deb tells you to draw a reference line on the back of your tool…ya’ gotta trust the process! The wedges are coming together better when you take a closer look and do things according to design. The block will be completed and mailed today along with the others needed to be considered for recertification.

In less than one week into the new year I have met a couple of goals! (1) apply for recertification (2) take a mental health day and (3) write a shorter blog, more often (grin).

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, urging you to take time to take a closer look at the world around you! May you find hope and peace.

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2 thoughts on “Take A Closer Look

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    I love the idea of focusing on the beauty of a single item/object in the midst of less than beautiful surroundings! As Gary would say, “I think there’s a sermon in that!” Thanks for sharing. Glad your block came together. I, too, have had to learn that lesson-go back and read the instructions…unfortunately, more than once! LOL I’m sure you will have no problem being recertified! I have several of those tools and still need to try them out, ugh! I actually bought a couple of kits with tools at one of my LQSs. I should have put that on my 2021 PHD list! Hmmm, we can switch out projects, so I may have to do that!

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