Little Lion Judah, Rambling On, The Quilt Rambler On The Road

My Little Lion Judah

While on the road to North Carolina last week for Deb Tucker's Certified Instructor Retreat we picked up a little hitchhiker. Meet my new traveling companion, Little Lion Judah.  Oh, The Places You Will Go! Do you remember "Where's Waldo?" or "Where in the World is Carman Sandiego?" - yep! You guessed it - Little… Continue reading My Little Lion Judah

Rambling On, The Quilt Rambler On The Road

As the Crow Flies

For over a week I've been humming that old song "I'm leaving, on a jet plane..." yep. Today is the day! According to Siri "as the crow flies" (or in my case, Southwest Airlines") I'm a little over 1000 miles into a new adventure! Several months ago a quilting friend of mine contacted me concerning… Continue reading As the Crow Flies