T-Shirt Quilts

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Our company specializes in creating unique and one of a kind heirloom quilts using cherished t-shirts, sports jerseys, baby clothing or other memorable articles of clothing to tell your story!

All of our quilts are made with quality fabrics and materials made in the USA. Our quilts are actually quilted and not tacked or tied, giving the quilts an authentic look as well as durability and longevity.

Is your closet overflowing with shirts?

Do you have a closet full of t-shirts that you are no longer wearing, yet they are too sentimental to discard? What about those favorite shirts that are much too well loved to be worn in public?

Or are you looking for that perfect one of a kind unique personalized gift? Perhaps to celebrate the graduation of your student and all their accomplishments? Or a gift to yourself recording the highlights of your life?

We have the solution! T-shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts make perfect gifts
Hold on to your memories with a quilt made from your favorite t-shirts

We take your sentimental favorite shirts and fashion them into a quilt that can be used and cherished, a true heirloom –  truly telling YOUR story in a quilt.

Every t-shirt has an emotion attached to it – we help you hold on to those good times

Proudly display your sport shirts and high school club shirts in a graduation t-shirt quilt
Sports shirts and high school club or spirit shirts make a beautiful graduation gift

Having a t-shirt quilt made is one of the best original gift ideas for any season or celebration.

Need ideas? Team sports, high school or college shirts, concerts, mission trips, family reunions, vacations, collections like NASCAR, Harley Davidson, spirit towels, jerseys, sweatshirts, uniforms, special events, work logos….whatever is important to you can be included in your t-shirt quilt.

What do you need to do?

Well worn shirts have memories and should be included in your t-shirt quilt

It’s time to sort through your favorites, yes even those that are well worn, give them a fresh washing, then box them up to bring or ship to The Quilt Rambler.

It’s as simple as that – Really!

Gather your favorite shirts

You provide the uncut freshly washed t-shirts (no fabric softener please) and we’ll provide everything else!

What we do with your shirts:

We will work with you either in person, by phone or email to discuss which parts of the t-shirts you want to include. Front, back or both. We will even work with you to piece together pocket logos or smaller graphics from sleeve edges to form a block in your special quilt.

A completed T-Shirt Quilts made form Swimming T-Shirts by The Quilt Rambler
Completed T-Shirt Quilts

In a few weeks time, we’ll return your favorite t-shirts fashioned into a beautiful cuddly quilt that is sure to be an heirloom! Each quilt is as individual as its owner and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as it warms your heart with a flood of all those precious memories. Nothing says love better than a quilt! And what a way to tell YOUR story!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many Shirts Are Needed?

T-shirt quilts are made up of blocks cut from your shirts

Quilts are made from 15″ square blocks which are made from the shirts you provide. Blocks can be an entire shirt front or back, or the block can be pieced from smaller graphics.

As few as 9 blocks will make a nice wall hanging. A king size quilt uses 42 blocks.

The size and price of the quilt will be determined by the number of blocks desired.

How Much Do T-Shirt Quilts Cost?

Pieced block from two shirts

Standard blocks* are priced at $20 each, with an additional fee of $15 per block if it is pieced from multiple shirts or enlarged to fill the 15″ square (such as tank tops). This includes all the labor and materials to complete the quilt.

*Jersey and button-front uniforms are priced slightly higher


Completed T-Shirt Quilt of College sports team Texas A&M made by the quilt rambler
Completed T-shirt quilt with 12 blocks

Pricing includes:

  • Stabilizing your t-shirt with fusible interfacing
  • Cutting the t-shirt to block size
  • All fabric for sashing, cornerstone, backing, and binding
  • Piecing, batting, quilting + binding = a completed quilt!

Price does not include:

  • Special over-sized blocks
  • Special pieced blocks
  • Additional borders to “grow” the quilt to a certain size
  • Return shipping
  • Texas residents will have an additional 6.25% sales tax

T-shirt Quilt Basic Pricing and Size Choices

T-shirt Pricing and Layout Choices
Number of Blocks Layout Approximate Size Base Price*
9 3 x 3 53” x 53” $180
12 3 x 4 53” x 70” $240
16 4 x 4 70’ x 70” $320
20 4 x 5 70” x 87” $400
24 4 x 6 70” x 105” $480
25 5 x 5 87” x 87” $500
30 5 x 6 87” x 105” $600
35 5 x 7 87” x 119” $700
36 6 x 6 105” x 105” $720
42 6 x 7 105” x 119” $840

* Above price does not include additional charges for pieced blocks or other special considerations.

We will be happy to discuss with you any special request and provide a quote.

Can Jerseys or Sweatshirts Be Included?

Yes, however, if any of the shirts have very thick patches or thick lettering they may not be suitable for quilting on the longarm machine. When in doubt, just ask.

*Jersey’s and button-front uniforms are priced higher than t-shirts.

This jersey does not fill out the 15″ block and will need to be adjusted

Also be aware that some sports uniforms do not fit in a 15″ square and may need to be pieced to accommodate the size for an additional piecing fee per block. Particularly of concern are sleeveless or v-neck shirts or girls volleyball uniforms as they tend to be on the smaller size. Not a problem! We do our best to work with the items you provide.



Creative piecing makes this jersey the perfect size to be included in the t-shirt quilt
Creative piecing makes this jersey the perfect size to be included in the t-shirt quilt
Custom designed quilting done over a sports jersey made into a t-shirt quilt made by the quilt rambler
Jerseys can be included in T-shirt Quilts

Do I Need to Do Anything Special to the Shirts First?

colorful shirts laid out to ship to The Quilt Rambler to make a t-shirt quilt
Gather up your favorite shirts to include in your one of a kind t-shirt quilt

First of all, please do NOT cut out or trim the shirts – that’s our job!

We’d appreciate if you washed them, but please don’t use fabric softener.

We understand stains and small worn places – that just adds to the character and uniqueness of your quilt.

What If I Have An Odd Number of Shirts?

A collection of Loonie Tunes characters embroderied on pockets are combined to make one block in a child's t-shirt quilt
Small pockets were combined into one block for this child’s t-shirt quilt.

That’s when we get to be creative! Sometimes blocks are made from combining graphics from multiple shirts.

Still an odd number? We can discuss possibilities of adding a plain fabric block or a photo transfer when we discuss your quilt.

Besides T-shirts, What Else Does It Take To Make The Quilt?

Each shirt is first stabilized with high-quality fusible interfacing to enhance the appearance and durability while maintaining softness. This does NOT make the quilt stiff.

Blocks are cut from the shirts then fabric sashing is sewn between the blocks

Next, the shirts are cut to block size to showcase the graphics. Sometimes it is difficult to center a small graphic design due to the original layout on the shirt, and on the same token, if the graphic is larger than the block size part of the design may be cut off. Regardless, the memories remain.

One t-shirt typically equals one block, however, you may wish to use both the front and back of a shirt which would count for two blocks. Please make a notation on the shirt which side(s) to use.

This is how you combine small logos on a T-Shirt into one big square on a T-Shirt Quilt
Combining smaller logo to make one block

Also, there are occasions when smaller logos need to be combined together to make a full-size block. We are happy to accommodate for an additional piecing fee per block.

The blocks are pieced together with accent fabric between each block called sashing; at the intersection of the sashed blocks, there are more fabric accents called cornerstones. These can be the same color as the sashing or a second color, the choice is yours. We have a rainbow of fabric colors to choose from.

We use high-quality quilter’s 100% cotton, not cotton blends or sheets for the construction of our T-Shirt Quilts. Remember, this is a quilt studio, not a sweatshop, quality is our reputation and your t-shirt quilts deserves no less than the best products used in their construction.

A longarm quilting machine is used to quilt together the top made from t-shirts
Once pieced the t-shirt quilt top is loaded on the longarm quilting machine to be quilted

Once the top is pieced it is loaded on our A1 Longarm Quilting Machine along with a high-quality quilter’s 100% cotton backing and 80/20 cotton/poly blend batting (the same batting used in our award winning quilts, no inferior batting in our studio!)

Next, the machine quilting stitches are added – this not only enhances the beauty of the quilt by adding texture making it “look and feel like one of grandma’s” but also joins the three layers together so your heirloom will be durable and usable – much stronger than hand-tied construction offered by other companies.

Small strips of fabric called binding are added around the edges of the quilt to enclose all three layers of the quilt and give it a finished look
Binding, or edging, is attached to encase the three layers of the quilt for a nice professional finish

The final process is to add the fabric binding around the edges for a professional finishing touch, again using high-quality quilter’s 100% cotton fabric. A total turnkey operation!

Almost as good as Christmas when your delivery man brings your t-shirt quilt!

Next step – returning the quilt to YOU!

What Is Done With The Scraps From The T-Shirts?

A shirt saying free prayer is being quilted on the longarm quilting machine as part of a t-shirt quilt
All three layers are quilted together for durability

Glad you asked. If you would like the cuttings from your shirts, such as a back logo that wasn’t used, we will be glad to save them for you.

If this is not specified we will recycle the unused portions of the shirts for you.


How Do I Order A T-Shirt Quilt?

This t-shirt quilt is made of sports uniforms out with the number 13 on them
Ordering a t-shirt quilt is easy – just fill out the contact form and we take it from there

Simply fill out our Contact Us form.

If you are local we will contact you to arrange an appointment in our studio.

If you are outside the Houston/Galveston area we will provide shipping information and detailed instructions for labeling your shirts.

Please note: a $100 deposit is required to begin the process. The balance due will be payable at pickup or prior to shipping.


Can The T-Shirt Quilts Be Washed?

A NASCAR t-shirt quilt drapes over a couch
Quilts are made to be used

As long as all the shirts you provide are machine washable, the materials we add most certainly are. Our quilts are machine washable, making them truly a usable treasure.

Do You Make The T-Shirt Quilts or Is It Made In Some Third World Country?

A Texas t-shirt is being sewn in the Quilt Rambler studio located in Texas
Proudly made in the USA.

Rest assured that your prized memories will never be sent overseas.

Your personal T-Shirt Quilt is designed, pieced and quilted in our smoke-free studio by an award winning quilter who knows and loves quilts.

Proudly Made in Texas!

Other Questions?

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss all your t-shirt quilt questions!

The Quilt Rambler – telling YOUR story one quilt at a time:

We would love to feature your story and your photos on a future blog post! Please email us with photos of you enjoying your quilt and tell your story about the memories!



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