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Happy Thursday! At least I think it’s Thursday (grin) this time of year it’s super easy to lose track of time! Wanted to pop in and say hello and to give you a little update on things happening in the studio.

I’m continuing to work to empty the wire baskets in front of my window, refolding fabrics to fit into another area of the room, in order to make room for my longarm- which currently resides in the living room.

I’m making progress, as the contents of the wire baskets are dwindling by folding to fit my new multi-purpose bins from The Container Store to occupy a new space. I’m so eager to dig into them this next year, in between other obligations, as I have a few scrap-buster quilt designs floating around in my head….stay tuned!

In The News

This blurb just came out in a newsletter today to wholesale buyers from Checker Distributors, introducing several new designers, The Quilt Rambler included!! Please share with your local quilt shops that they can now purchase my patterns from Checker along with their other wholesale shopping…. of course they are welcomed to contact me directly.

I’m sew excited as this is something I have been working on for several years, to be picked up by a distributor.

Guess What Showed Up Today!?!!!

While I’ve been enjoying familiar fabrics from the turn of the century, most purchased between 2005-2008, I’ve been planning my next Island Batik Signature Collection quilts…and thinking about basics and backgrounds….

So last week I decided to order MORE fabric! Yep, arrived today, bolts of basics and backgrounds that I will be sharing through my new Online Shopping Experience, hopefully next week.

Funny thing is, when we went to bring the box into the house on the back of the larger one was a lizard! A real-live-fast-moving lizard, whom I had to make sure didn’t run into the house through the open door. I think he’s a Texan, not one that came in the box (grin) even though there was a little opening with fabric peaking out….

I actually like lizards, and I am very good about catching the few who somehow make it into my home and returning them to their own domain in the yard. I think it’s because my mom had so many potted plants when I was growing up that we had to bring in when the Texas gulf coast temps dropped too low. I fondly remember one year counting all her pots only to exclaim that we had to get her a new one for Christmas so she’s actually have 100! Why have only 99? Yep, through the years many a lizard has found its way into my domain and I pride myself of being good at catch and release.

Want to know the secret of catching them? (This is bonus information – grin). Two clear plastic cups. Yep, place one in front of the lizard and nudge him in with the other, then hold the cups together so he can’t get out until you release him….my theory on why this works is because the lizard doesn’t see a shadow or form coming at him (as in Danger Will Robinson!), the clarity of the cups appears to be just like the surroundings…and by gently nudging him into the container he isn’t harmed. Yep. I’m good at this..

Okay, back to Island Batik! AND SHOPPING!

Can’t wait to share these beautiful batiks that I think will make great additions to your fabric needs. One thing I think several quilters, myself included, are missing from their collections is good neutrals!

I can remember once taking a pledge “not to buy new fabric” unless it was one of the B’s – Border fabric, Background fabric or BOLTS of fabric!

So I just want to go ahead and give you permission to save the date to come Background/Basic shopping with me next week! Unless of course……

We are still on Baby Watch for granddaughter #2. We actually thought she’d be here by now but “God only knows” – her momma said the other day that she thought #2 was going to stay in the womb until her wedding day, but we don’t think she’s that shy!

All that to say….date and time of Facebook Live, or viewing here on the website, is contingent on the happenings outside of the studio (grin). If you will be viewing on FB, please go ahead and Register to be all ready to go!

On The Home Front

As mentioned above, we are on ‘baby watch’ and have been giving mom & dad a little break by having our granddaughter #1 over several days a week. The other day she hosted two sisters at Oma’s house…giving us a glimpse of what it will be like one day with two granddaughters…. Each of these young ladies have the best manners and do play nicely together. I loved being able to provide quilts for their pretend slumber party!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, reminded of the “why” I quilt – so others can enjoy playing on them or cuddling up with them! And to leave a legacy!

Hope to see you at my next Facebook Live event!

2 thoughts on “Studio Happenings

  1. Roseanne says:

    Hi Karen! Love, love, LOVE the pretend sleepover. How cute and sweet is that?!! That fabric you shared first – Wild Things – is so gorgeous. SO! Thanks for the tip on how to catch/release a lizard, not that I ever need to know that, I hope. The climate is a bit chilly up here for lizards! Can’t wait to see what’s next on the docket for you. Merry Christmas to you and your family. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Karen Overton says:

      Thanks Roseanne, I have enjoyed fondling, er, folding my older fabrics. Wish I could remember what I bought them for – besides my retirement plan! We are experiencing the warmest Dec. on record, but that’s about to change…Merry Christmas to you and yours too! karen

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