Me and Santa’s Elves Are Working as Fast as We Can!

Me and Santa's Elves

Oh me, oh my! It’s 6 days until Christmas! I need more of Santa’s elves!

Sewing machine humming, longarm warming up…I have to take a moment to report we’ve been making good progress!

Besides, it’s day 19 of the 31-day blog writing challenge – admit it, you’d be disappointed if I didn’t at least report in!

One Down, One More to Go

T-shirt quilts that is! Yesterday one was picked up and today another one is being cut out by my son who is anything but an elf – he’s over 6 feet tall. I’m so thankful that he will be working in the studio with me today! Yippee!

Special Commisoned Secret Sewing

I can’t wait to share the quilt that I am working on today while my elf preps the t-shirt blocks for me….but alas, I can’t share much of it because it would totally spoil the surprise! Here’s just a sneak peak….

But Wait, There’s More!

After these, there is another special quilt to be quilted that was pieced by one of my customers who has been patiently waiting for her “football season” quilt to be completed. Harvey certainly goes on the naughty list, while she goes on the nice list! Better check to see how I’m stacking up on that list...

Looks like Santa understands that a creative mind messes up a perfectly good studio

Positive Reports Are Coming In

I just love it when customers share their photos with me! Do you remember this T-shirt quilt from last week? The family decided to surprise their mom early with her deceased husband’s T-shirt quilt and graciously gave me permission to share the photo with you!

The smile says it all! This is why I do what I do! I love my job!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, who had better get back to work – anyone want to bring me dinner?



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