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Quilt Story Saturday- technical difficulties

I apologize for not continuing today with my Saturday quilt stories. It’s been an interesting day to say the least…

First of all we’ve started reconstruction Thursday and the past few days have had all sorts of demolition going on. It’s so exciting! Most people get excited about walls going up – I’m actually celebrating walls coming down! It’s the first step in this journey of rebuilding- out with the old, soon, in with the new!

Due to workers being in the house (and me needing to be out of their way) I delayed opening my Island Batik Ambassador box until this morning – at 0700 before they came to work at 8.

Well…Let’s just say that’s had a little hiccup – my internet has been down all day, probably due to the weather – so I can’t upload to YouTube 🙄. I’m typing this post on my phone app so it’s going to be short – can’t imagine how much “data” I’ve used on my cellphone today – oh my!

I’ve been told someone will be here Monday afternoon to fix my internet 😳😬🤔

I have been productive today organizing my new fabrics and completing the labels and such on my new files for 2018.

Into every life a little rain must fall – thankful that we built a bridge!

Watch for the box opening! Here’s a little teaser…

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler thankful to see a little sunshine as I end the day!

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7 thoughts on “Quilt Story Saturday- technical difficulties”

  1. Looking forward to your post on Monday or Tuesday when everything is back up and normal…as far as the internet is concerned!! Yay for the rebuild!! It will be nice to have everything put together when all the hard work is finished! Certainly glad you have the bridge…does the rain NEVER stop!! We need it here in northern Nevada!!

    1. Wish I could share the abundance of rain – it’s been a wet winter! Small world Susan – I was born in Nevada – navy brat 😏 can’t wait to share the video of the beautiful fabrics !!!

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