Paducah or Bust

My little stowaway

What a day! Got up early to finish last minute details to catch my noon flight to Nashville to hitch a ride with Deb Tucker and company on our way to Quilt City USA ~ Paducah KY for AQS Spring Quilt Week…and what an adventure it was…long story short I was scheduled to arrive at 1:50 but we were still sitting on a plane that was being repaired. I had lovely people to talk to so all was well!

So good to reconnect with Deb, Sarah and Bernadette ~ goodness I think they brought winter with them ~ they had their own travel stories to share including snow!

???? The girls are back in town ????

They took me to see the river and explained the flood wall full of beautiful murals depleting the cities history. Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t the best so nothing to share there. Perhaps another day. It felt good to walk after hours of travel.

Paducah Equals Fabric

We stopped by an older building with a huge banner outside that caught the eye of this quilter!

I had the opportunity to visit with Brenda Freeman, owner of Murray Sewing Center in Murray KY. I was confused at first thinking this was her shop, but discovered she’s actually a vendor and this old newspaper building was her temporary home for Quilt Week. She graciously allowed me to take photos to share with my readers.



If this eye candy doesn’t inspire you then you may need to take your temperature ???? if I told you the fabulous prices you’d recover in a heartbeat!

Brenda shared that her store in Murray has been a family business for over 68 years; she purchased it from her now deceased father 35 years ago! She has fond memories of taking naps atop bolts of fabric and stories of the ladies in the community gathering together to share their love of fabric.

If Brenda and her husband can transpose an old borrowed building into a shopping oasis I can only imagine what their actual store looks like! Who knows, perhaps she will invite Deb or one of her CIs to come share about Studio 180 Design!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler on the road

pardon the typos and format as I’m working mobile this week! PS Little Lion Judah was all tuckered out and miss the quilt shop tour but he will report in during our week stay.


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5 thoughts on “Paducah or Bust

  1. Tracie says:

    Have fun! I visited the show in Paducah about five years ago with my mom. She’s beginning the slow journey from Minnesota to Paducah today, hoping to get ahead of another winter storm. I asked her to stop by and say hello from me!

  2. Tish says:

    What a start to your adventure, glad everyone was able to make it safely. I would have never thought that was a temporary store either. It’s beautiful and all those goodies!

  3. Brenda says:

    So glad you all arrived safely after that start! I’ve been to Paducah once and was so surprised at how everything wasn’t under “one roof!!” We were only there a few days and didn’t get to see everything. Maybe one day I can go back! Have fun – I know you will!

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