Own Your Dreams

Have you ever had so many thoughts and ideas floating around inside your busy brain that anyone casually looking at you would say “she must have her head in the clouds”.  I’ve found these are the times its just best to sit quietly and listen to the still small voice inside.

What’s My Dream?

I’ve just returned from CABS ~ Creative Arts Business Summit, in Washington DC where a group of creative thinkers gathered to listen, learn, and share. What  an  amazing time! Lots of business models to consider, so many helpful suggestions including some thoughts that didn’t  necessarily apply to my business, but ideas that can be dissected, polished then brought into The Quilt Rambler business plan.

One thing I learned is the need to focus on the one thing that I do best, Morna (founder of CABS) called it our “brilliance”.  I have so many interests that it’s been hard to narrow things down…I like longarm quilting, I like making T-shirt and memory quilts ~ however those areas were kinda put on the back burner the past year and a half due to good ole Hurricane Harvey. These items have been removed from my business both out of necessity (studio without walls for a while) and out of narrowing down my focus.

Not to fear, I also liked playing around with pattern designing (thank you Island Batik and Studio 180 Design for the fabrics and tools providing me with the opportunity to pursue this dream). While I do want to continue to develop quilt patterns I really think my “brilliance” per se is in teaching (and the gift of gab).

My happy place is when I’m sharing my decades of quilting knowledge, polished and shining more so with my training as a Certified Instructor with Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design ~ but why am I telling you this dear reader, you probably figured out my focus before I did!

There’s something so energizing when I interact with my students. I love the ahha moments, the success stories, the beautiful fabric combinations and interpretations that are different than mine ~ so inspiring. And it goes without saying how much I love to ramble about all things quilt related!

CABS 2019 my new family of like business minded folks who will continue to inspire and support me, as I hope to do the same for them


Social Media Dreams

There are multiple ideas and goals that I want to develop over the next few weeks/months/years. Many have already been implemented ~ such as creating a following to my social media and blog posts. Just this week several milestones were reached and worth celebrating….I couldn’t do it without you! As I’ve said before, a rambler needs an audience!

Blog subscriptions have increased by over 500 new subscribers in the past 45 days. Thank you! There’s that little button on the sidebar if you haven’t already subscribed through email to The Quilt Rambler blog posts.


Instagram milestone! I do have two accounts, one personal and one business. You are welcomed to join me on either as I try to keep the content different


Facebook stats continue to grow ~ thank you for liking and sharing my posts

Social Media Goals

There’s something empowering about sharing a goal, or even just writing it down (another one of my sayings “paper never forgets”). I don’t have an exact date yet but by June I’d like to have added a monthly newsletter for The Quilt Rambler’s “raving fans” (I’m not being vain, I promise, that’s part of Morna’s vocabulary from CABS). The goal is to have a synopsis of events and happenings in and around The Quilt Rambler Studio.  So stay tuned for that announcement!

I have also recently learned more about Facebook Groups ~ which sounds ridiculous as I’ve been a “member” to several private groups but never considered offering a group on my page! So here’s your invitation! I’m calling it Tucker Time with The Quilt Rambler, Karen E Overton. This is an area where I want to be able to interact more with you my fellow quilters, students and friends. A forum where we can all post photos of projects we are creating with Studio 180 Design tools and techniques ~ from workshop photos, from the construction to the completion type photos, a place to ask questions or share your fabric pull for your next Deb Tucker inspired project. Goodness, you can even ask me to help you “tuckerize” a pattern! Who knows the adventures we will share together with this!

I created the group just prior to writing this blog as a “closed group” until I make this announcement, so I’m not 100% sure how to tell you to join once I make it public ~ it’s my first time so bear with me ~ but I believe there will be a link or a button on The Quilt Rambler Facebook page that will lead you to the right spot, if not let me know.  Just look for this photo as the banner!  **Updated** click on photo or here to join.

Join my Facebook Group!
Somewhere in Time I do plan more YouTube tutorials and corresponding PDF downloads. I’m learning new software in my spare time (grin). Actually my friend Tina, whom I stayed with in DC, gave me a few lessons in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe In Design which makes me eager to learn more! The end goal would be to offer Quilt Alongs and other fun events. I’m open to suggestions!!!

In addition you will notice some slight changes in the blog ~ I’ll still ramble, so don’t fret ~ I will be adding more topic related posts such as Why press your seams open? or things of a general quilting nature (part of those helpful hints I plan on developing). It is my desire to be a source of quilting knowledge (as well as your entertainment)!  So send me your questions so I’ll have plenty to talk about!

Pardon Our Dust

If you have been following me on social media you’ve probably seen my little teases about upcoming announcements….well…hold on just a tad longer (sorry Sue)…I hope to announce a big event in a day or two. It’s soooo hard for a rambler to keep a secret, but this is a good one! I’m developing LOTS of special events actually and need to make sure all my flying geese are in a row…

I can tell you this! I’m excited! It feels good to clean out the busy brain and focus. There’s sew much to do but it’s all sew much fun! I love sharing the adventures with you and sincerely look forward to more interactions together through both online socializing as well as “in person” events!


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, thankful for every sunrise and sunset ~ proof that I’m still alive and have a life to share!


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