On The Seventh Day ~ We Rested

It’s rare that I post twice a day…but sometimes I post more as a reminder for myself as I like to look back on my month, year, etc…and that’s why I’m sharing this tonight. A reminder for me to take time to rest!

It’s already been a busy non-stop year, not complaining, as I just shared with a friend on the phone a bit ago “better busy than bored” ~ but there are times when we find ourselves too busy and forgetting to take time to relax…

So, this afternoon we stole away a few hours and made it to Galveston beach before sunset with a little time to sit on a quilt on the sand, soak up the warm winter day, listen to the waves, taking time for a quick walk along the shore ~ hubby looks for shark’s teeth and I look for interesting things to photograph.

Something about the beach soothes my soul. I am reminded of “In the Beginning God...” and how God desires for us to have a day of rest. Just a little time to reflect, regroup, refresh. And for me, a time to worship Him as I enjoy His creation.

Hope you enjoy the photos half as much as I enjoying taking them!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, reminding you to take time to rest, relax, refresh and enjoy the journey! Life is Good!

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6 thoughts on “On The Seventh Day ~ We Rested

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    I could almost smell that sea breeze!! I got to visit Galveston when visiting in-laws in Texas City. I really liked the island and the beach there. I would hate to be there when a hurricane hits the island! Lots of interesting shells on the beach today…is it usually like that or has there been a recent storm that brought them all?

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      That’s just every day shells ???? And yes, in 2008 when Hurricane Ike was a direct hit on the island it wasn’t a fun place to be. My friends on the island are strong and have bounced back just like those on the mainland are bouncing back from 2017 Harvey. The beach has many personalities and today it was welcoming

  2. Kim Rumsey says:

    Home for me but I don’t get to the beach to relax and reflect near as much as I would like. But nothing beats the drive from Jamaica Beach to UTMB (even going to work) with the sun rising! Glad you enjoyed it.

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