On a Wing and a Prayer

March winds. Looks like change is in the air. Or so the saying goes. For this rambler its been a crazy month ~ as a friend just texted me “you seem to be on the cutting edge of faith-testing.”

Here’s what’s been happening in and around The Quilt Rambler studio this past week…

A Good Distraction – maybe?

Distraction Number 1 – Helpful Hints

Last week I challenged myself to begin a series of helpful hints for quilters, everything from the basics of “pressing matters” to ideas and clarification when using the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design tools. I’m working on a video tutorial that I hope to release a little later this summer (yes, Mona, it’s another secret project just to tease you!) that I hope will turn into a Quilt Along. I’m trying my hand at video production and it’s not for the faint of heart! But I love a good challenge….by the way, send me your helpful hints and perhaps they will make it into one of my productions!

 Distraction Number 2 – Fabric Basket

I started this project for two reasons, one is obvious, I want to make a fabric Easter Basket for our granddaughter Reagan – this will be her first Easter. I have been missing my “Sunday sewing” sessions and decided that I needed to take this mental vacation from my “job” of quilting professionally, which was reason number two. That’s all fine and good but somehow I turned this into a real production. Sigh. Will I ever learn?

While I did make progress on the fabric basket I spent way too much time struggling with editing a YouTube part 2.  I’ve got what I believe to be good footage, but my editing skills left me with some really bad sync between the audio and visual…so that’s a project pushed back another week or two as I seek some advice from more learned folks.

But not wanting to disappoint you who are following along with this process of making a fabric basket here’s a few photos from the Part Two Sunday Sewing of Reagan’s Easter Basket. I have to laugh because the basket is almost as big as she is, she will be 6 months by the time Easter arrives! Here’s the link to last week’s Part 1.

Adding rounds of fabric covered cording to make the base of the fabric basket


The sides are building up. On the future YouTube I will demonstrate how to do this! Stay tuned!


By the end of my Sunday Sewing session my fabric basket had really grown!

By the way, if you are a maker you already know this ~ it’s cheaper to just buy something than make it yourself! And sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Ah, but homemade does have just a tad more love woven in wouldn’t you agree?

Yep, fabric baskets are popular, nothing new under the sun! Ah, but Reagan’s fabric basket is TEXAS size!

Distraction Number 3

Well, it’s not really a distraction, but like a good sermon I thought I should have a three point outline. Grin. In case you missed the memo Saturday was National Quilting Day, according to the National Day Calendar :

“National Quilting Day is observed annually on the third Saturday in March.  It is a day that is celebrated around the country with special quilting shows, classes, open museums and much more.   This is a day to appreciate and to recognize quilt makers, along with all of their long labor, love and skill that goes into the making of each quilt.”

To celebrate I created an instant coupon to use on my PDF patterns ~ to receive the 25% discount you have to share on social media (prior to purchase – the website walks you through it) and poof! the discount is taken automatically. I’m not sure how long I will offer this so now’s the time to share and save!

This Is A Test

Going back to the “wing and a prayer” thought as well as the faith-testing comment…these past few weeks have had me a bit discombobulated. I’ve felt like a warrior readying to take flight for battle. And quite frankly there’s been times when I was in a dark place, and felt more like the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz that a battle ready warrior! Thank goodness for friends and faith!

I’ve shared more details with a few private facebook pages requesting prayers….numerous things such as an extended family member having his second heart attack and currently recovering in the hospital, one of my students recently lost her sister who was also  one of my students (she is already greatly missed), a friend from church is in ICU today after miraculously making it through the night and still “not out of the woods” as the reports circulate…so many things to pray about.

Here’s a small look at our current world view  from the little pier in our neighborhood on Galveston Bay looking towards the Houston Ship channel as fires continue to rage at a local storage tank facility in DeerPark Texas,  my husband works near there and has had to continually  “report to duty” as he is among “essential personnel”. Certainly a time of prayer! Things are unclear as to how long the burn off will take and IF there has been or will be any air quality issues.  Yep…this is a test.

ITC tank fires began Sunday, March 17, 2019 as of today they are still burning

Winds of Change, They Be ‘a Blowin’ (it IS March after all)

“I’m leaving…on a jet plane…”

I know, it’s cheesy, but I like cliches. Like “it’s always darkest before the dawn” ~ which I looked up once and it’s just a saying, absolutely no fact behind it… but it does describe things that I feel like I’ve been experiencing. I’ve also heard the saying “don’t look back you aren’t going that way” as well as thoughts of needing to let go of the past, the past successes as well as the past failures, to move on towards the future with hopefully more present successes than present failures! I think one of the best things I heard this week was  “you only die once, you get to live every day. Start living!” 

I’ve also been reflecting on change ~ as in needing a fresh wind in The Quilt Rambler business….hence my leaving on a jet plane tomorrow!!!! I will be joining my friend Tina Dillard of Quilting Affection Design,  as we attend….

I met Tina in 2017 as a fellow Island Batik Ambassador and in 2018 Tina became a certified instructor with Studio 180 Design ~ so we have lots to talk about when she picks me up from the Reagan Airport tomorrow in DC. She’s attended CABS before (Creative Arts Business Summit) and highly recommended. I’ve known Morna McEver Golletz for years, but as “just a longarm quilter” from 2003 to 2016 I didn’t think I needed help with my business (back in the day my custom quilting service was almost a year’s wait and I had “no time for business”). I’m sure this weekend I will be proven wrong with the above statement! Who can’t use a little coaching in their business!

I can’t help it, I love “homemade”

So I’m trying to wrap up another longwinded ramble and finish packing for my trip. The only thing I’m NOT looking forward to is the potential cold ~ who wants to bring a coat on the first day of spring!! I’m way too Texan to be going “north” in the springtime.

And then it hit me! Another distraction while I was packing! How do you like my “homemade” zippered vinyl bag that is the size of TSA approved bag for my liquids in my carry on bag?  I never travel without my oils ~ that a whole ‘nuther story, but I use ginger and peppermint to keep me from being over anxious during flights….

So here’s how the distraction benefits you my dear readers! I’ve dug through the archives to come up with the handout I did back in 2016 when I was asked to participate in a “schoolhouse” program at my local guild…I may not have completed the Fabric Basket Part 2 Tutorial but here’s a fun substitute! Hope you enjoy!!

Clear Vinyl Zipper Bag V3.19




This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, reminding myself that in my weakness He is strong… stay strong my friends!

Professional photos are provided royalty free from Pixabay, no affiliations but highly recommended

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3 thoughts on “On a Wing and a Prayer

  1. Mona says:

    All ways teasing us with all your beautiful quilts, fabrics, classes and teachings. Can’t wait to see what this secret is.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Praying for your student and her family, your church friend in ICU, and your family member in the hospital. Also praying that the fire is put out soon! My FIL lived in Texas City and worked for one of the refineries. Dangerous work. Have a wonderful time at CABS and learn a lot. Long underwear are still in fashion further north! Thank you for the tutorial for the TSA-friendly bag – so much better than a ziplock bag!!

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