My Bucket List ~ Hancock’s of Paducah

Hancock’s of Paducah A trip to Paducah would not be complete without a visit to Hancock’s of Paducah! This has been on my bucket list since the turn of the century when I was first introduced to their catalog by my quilting friend Trish. Oh my goodness ~ for this quilter  that was better than being a kid with the Christmas edition of the Sears catalog.

Today was THE day! As you know I’m in Paducah working in Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design booth at the Spring AQS Paducah show and today was “set up day.”  Sarah, Bernadette, Deb and myself worked really fast so we’d have time to visit Hancock’s of Paducah before Preview Night.



More Than A Dream Come True

Hancock’s of Paducah was everything and more. I think I spent the first 30 minutes just absorbing the atmosphere ~ quite possibly if one were to even take notice, I’m sure I had that deer in the headlights look! Indeed, it’s a wonder to behold!

Row after row of fabric, all grouped by manufacturer, for what seemed like miles, quilters with their shopping buggies piled high with colorful bolts. Cutting tables with multiple cutting stations, and check out counters that would shame any grocery chain in their speed in ringing up the mountains of purchases ~ the entire place was like watching a well oiled machine, expertly organized despite the feeding frenzy atmosphere.

Miles of fabric


Bargain bins


Little Lion Judah felt right at home on the rows of Island Batik bolts


The shopping cart behind me had some very familiar Island Batik fabric ~ Elements

Quilt samples were hanging everywhere ~ indeed a sight to behold. I noticed that the quilts had labels with identifying locations of the corresponding kits. Again ~ impressive organization!

Then I found it, okay, I have to admit I was hopeful, actually on a mission to see…

Illumninated Journey is actually hanging in Hancock’s of Paducah ~ talk about a dream come true!


This is my new friend whom I am ashamed to say I neglected to even ask her name ~ but she was kind enough to take my photo and celebrate with me! I hope we can reconnect.


Yes ~ there are kits! I’m so excited I didn’t even realize I was holding one upside down.

My biggest thrill was seeing the quilt hanging and having my photo made with Deb. She’s a dream maker in my book, as she is a big influence in my quilting life.

Illuminated Journey is constructed with Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler and Island Batik precuts Paisley Dots


Deb’s quilt Stormy Stars

It was so much fun to see several ladies closely admiring Deb’s quilt, I tapped one on the shoulder and said “This quilt is a Deb Tucker pattern and she’s standing right behind you ????”  naturally they asked for a photo with Deb and were kind enough to take our photos together too. Quilters are so much fun to be around wouldn’t you agree?

But wait, there is more

In all my excitement I didn’t neglect my shopping duties! This island gal found the perfect print to perhaps be the curtains in my future reconstructed studio or a future quilt. It was just calling my name.

Tropical flowers just needed to go home with me

As if that wasn’t enough, a beautiful catalog was included in my shopping bag ~ my early Christmas wish list catalog that I will savor on the return flight to Houston.

Stormy Stars is a cover girl


Illuminated Journey made it into the catalog too

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, enjoying the Journey ~ thanks for sharing it with me

And tomorrow I get to truly experience Paducah! Don’t forget to stop by the Studio 180 Design booth to see what’s new! And mark your calendar for my upcoming Podcast with Pat Sloan.

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7 thoughts on “My Bucket List ~ Hancock’s of Paducah

  1. Tracie says:

    Wow, Karen! Talk about dreams come true! I’m so happy that you’re off to a great start in Paducah. I enjoyed going there with my mom, and she’s on her way today.

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