Monday Musings, Rambling On

Monday’s Musings – Time to Walk Outside

Musings: a period of reflection or thought, preoccupation, contemplations, pondering, dreaming…..add to that rambling.


Ah, Monday, that day that holds both excitement and apprehension. Excitement for the beginning of a new week and new adventures. Apprehension concerning deadlines and obligations. Somewhere there needs to be the balance!


I’d Rather Be Quilting!

Today I’m at the computer instead of the sewing machine. Not for lack of quilting projects that’s for sure! But some days I just have to do a little maintenance on things like websites and bookkeeping. Unfortunately, I’ve kinda gotten behind in both so today I’m taking time to “ponder” business musings…

Discovering That I Don’t Know As Much As I Think

Oh my, it’s a mess…and it’s going to take a little time….I’m trying to update the look of my website and am discovering that I just thought I knew what I was doing! The good thing is I’m willing to learn, but learning takes time and that means I need to develop patience and a “preoccupation” in research. If it were easy then everyone would be doing it! I have learned one significant thing this morning – there’s this cute little button on the editing toolbar that up until today I had no idea what it meant – at the risk of embarrassing myself…I now know how to “draw a line” and say “read more” instead of my rambles going on and on and on the page making it difficult to scroll to the next one. You’re welcome!

I’m trying to figure out things like themes, making your homepage have information and not just blog posts (how do I get the blog posts back on the page called blog?!?!???!)…and unfortunately, I started playing around not realizing that  if you push other cute little buttons trying to figure out what they do they go live and mess up what you used to have. Sigh. I think I’m working on another degree in the school of hard knocks!

Time To Walk Outside

Sometimes you just have to walk away! Not that it was frustrating mind you, but because that little thing I wear on my wrist said MOVE!

I tried to find something interesting to photograph, at first all I saw was brown and if you’ve been following me you know I don’t do winters – (1) the cold (2) it’s brown!  However! The redemptive note is the sun is shining today and I discovered something interesting to share. I hope you enjoyed “The Stump”  and “Sun Through the Trees” photos previously shared in this post. I worked really hard on those (grin).

This is my ditch. We’ve had a wet winter and some of the water and debris looks rather stagnant and just plain yucky. I call this photo “Ruts” – do you see those ruts? That was caused by the “gobbler” – the heavy equipment sent by the county to gobble up all the discarded debris from Hurricane Harvey. I guess you could call these ditch scars. But looking a little deeper what about that little oasis growing clover! Isn’t that exciting! It’s green and green means the promise of spring!

Good Things Are Just Around The Corner

While I go back and try to learn more how to fix the mess I’ve made of my website I wanted to leave you with a fun little event that is happening locally this week. I’m pleased to announce that I will be the guest speaker at Alvin (Texas) Gulf Coast Quilter’s Guild this Thursday night, February 1st. I’m so excited to be sharing my trunk show focusing on “Star Quilts” that I’m made through the years and my most recent Studio 180 Design quilts. I do hope if you are local that you will join me to “Let’s Talk Quilts.”

Hope you can join me in Alvin at the Senior Center

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, musing on a Monday – thanks for sharing the reflections with me!









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