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Monday Musings – Less Is More

It’s Monday again! Wow – time sure flies when you are having fun! I always like to start my week off with a little thoughtfulness as I plan for the week ahead…what did I learn last week? what did I accomplish? what didn’t quite get done that needs to be put on this week’s to-do list? what’s next on the quilting agenda!

Lessons Learned Along The Journey

As I am moving out of a 1600 square foot house to a 200+ square foot RV for our temporary living I am learning several things. One, to be grateful! So many people have lived in smaller conditions – a friend of mine shared that when they made their move to Texas several years ago that they started out in a camper top on her husband’s truck with a family of 6! That certainly put things in perspective for me!

Less Is More

I know I’m late to join the bandwagon of minimalism (which in some forms has been around since WWII) but I’ve always heard the term Less is More, in fact back before the turn of the century I had an Amish or Meninotie cookbook by that title.

How does that translate to my current living? Well, I am pleased to say that my kitchen is now organized with just my essentials and the pantry isn’t overflowing with my stockpiling of goods. The plan is to purchase what you need, use what you have, plan for what you will need next. Saves space and money! It was horrible to have to clean out the pantry in the “big house” only to find items that had expired. Such a waste.

Less is More – a tiny RV kitchen means I must be well organized AND do the dishes every day

Is Less More When It Comes To Quilting?

Less is More - basics of a machine, table and chair to be able to sew
Keeping it simple – all I really need is a good machine and a place to use it!

Good question, glad you asked! I know there are times we all have quilt envy of someone who has more – more fabric, more space, a bigger better whatever.

Back before the turn of the century my family of four actually lived full-time in a 32-foot tag trailer RV living and working on the road…story for another time, but we were at a different location every week so I do mean we were on the road! That RV had a nice dinette table that was perfect for my sewing. All my “stash” and supplies were stored under the benches of the dinette. I was a happy camper – I had the basics-  a machine, supplies, fabric, and projects got done as I had the time to steal away to sew.

Looks like what goes around comes around – my studio that is currently awaiting reconstruction is larger than the RV that housed my entire family back then! Truly I’ve been blessed. And now I find myself full circle trying to fit it all into a tiny space. Thank goodness for off-site storage!

I’m excited to dig into my first Quilty Box with my favorite new line of fabric.

The point is when you have things decluttered it’s much easier to work. Streamline your area, prioritize your projects, put things away so you can find them later when you need them. In going through things decide if some of your abundances can better be served by donating to your local guild either for their fund-raising auction or for the ladies who are gifted in making charity quilts. You bought that fabric to make a quilt, no one says you have to be the one that makes it!

Personally, I am placing my projects in totes to be able to keep all the parts and pieces together so when I do sit down to sew it will be quality time and not time trying to clear the space or hunt down a component.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

And make your space a happy place…no one says that you have to reduce your stash if you don’t want to. No one is going to take away that 3rd or 4th sewing machine, and the good news is – no one can take away your birthday! Less is More simply means to me – have what you want, want and use what you have, remembering to always be grateful.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, making plans to do some quilting this week!








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