Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ – Celestial Borealis Twilight

This weekend I hosted my final Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ event for 2020 with a two day event teaching Celestial Borealis Twilight, one of The Quilt Rambler patterns…

We all know how crazy 2020 has been, even though my studio classroom was at half capacity I believe I speak for each of us – it felt good to have a live event!!

I didn’t take a lot of photos Friday for our first day together, and I neglected to get a photo of each of the quilters – but I did photo the quilt blocks (grin). As you can see we focused on learning the V-Block construction and the Corner Beam…both tools by Studio 180 Design.

I knew I recognized Tammy and Lisette’s names when they registered earlier in the season, but it wasn’t until we were laughing and merrily sewing along yesterday that I “placed them” – yep! Both ladies were in my Geese Over Galveston Bay workshop last May on Stitchin’ Heaven’s Quilting Cruise where I was one of three teachers. Naturally I broke into song “it’s a small world after all” – just kidding!

Well these ladies took the cruising part of Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ seriously – as in they went back to their hotel room and sewed until midnight!

Midnight Quilters!

They proudly shared their accomplishments when they arrived for “day two” of our Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™.

Celestial Borealis Twilight has four block arrangements using a total of six fabrics, and as mentioned above, uses the Studio 180 Design tools – V Block, Corner Beam, and Square Squared.

Our workshop focused on making “Block 2” of the pattern, allowing everyone to become familiar with each of the tools and techniques…then from there it was sew at your own pace. In other words – off to the races!

Lisa, with her Block 2 units completed

I am always eager to see the interpretation of my patterns in my student’s color choices! On the cruise Tammy went rouge and decided on “camo” background for her Geese Over Galveston Bay (which she has finished and gifted already), but this time it was Lisette who decided that she would use nine different fabrics with two block variations – sort of a gradation effect. I warned her that she would probably spend as much time rearranging at the design wall as she did piecing (ask me how I know!)

By the end of the day everyone had several blocks completed and ALL had a A+ in the use of the tools!

Lisa with Blocks 2 and Blocks 4
Tammy with a sample of each of the four blocks
Lisette’s blocks

I believe if we’d all been midnight cruisin’ quilters tonight and had a third day with the Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ that I’d be posting completed tops! Sigh…we will just have to wait until the gals finish them and post to Tucker Time with The Quilt Rambler’s Facebook page…

For a very strange 2020 Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ event season I do believe I can say it ended well! I know I enjoyed myself, and about talked myself into laryngitis as it’s been a long time since I’ve had a two day workshop!

If you’d like to make your own Celestial Borealis Twilight quilt the pattern can be found on my pattern page along with a link to purchase the Studio 180 Design tools if they aren’t already in your tool box.

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, sayin’ don’t ya worry your pretty little head, I’ll have my voice good and strong before ya’ know it (grin).

I think I’m calling out for Domino’s Pizza tonight….

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