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Current Worldview – Island Time

The Quilt Rambler on Island Time
Current worldview

I’ve shared before that I’m an endless summer sort of gal. I love the thoughts of a tropical vacation  – perhaps that’s why I love making my quilts with bright tropical colors. I’ve even brought the island flavor to my home and studio with tropical décor and wall paint. And yes, Phyllis, turquoise is a neutral 😉

Needless to say, we’ve had a non-stop year, or year and a half, so this past week we took time to unplug and get on island time, for real!


Choices? Ice cream or cookies? Both, please!

Have I mentioned how much we love to cruise! I’m not sure how many we have gone on, we’ve been on a few “couple cruises” with our church and I’ve taught on two quilting cruises (with another one scheduled next May – see my schedule), and I’ve lost count of our personal cruises. Ask me my favorite port and I will respond “the ship”- we just want to be aboard, ports of call are the bonus.

The best part is totally relaxing. Putting my feet up, being on island time, going from one feeding area to another – I seriously saw a man with a shirt that said: “I just came for the food” – I resembled that remark! I mean who doesn’t love 24-hour access to pizza and ice cream! There are other menus available naturally – but seriously, it makes me feel young to grab a midnight pizza at least once during the week.


Put Your Feet Up  – You’re on Island Time

Oh the joy of sitting with my feet up – not a care in the world, relaxing, watching people, listening to music, the ocean breeze, exploring different areas of the ship to relax. Sometimes by the pool with all it’s activity, other times needing the quiet solitude of the serenity deck.

Island Time for Two, love this current worldview!


Dive In Movie on Carnival Vista – We watched Solo (Star Wars) under the stars

Our usual “entertainment” aboard the ship is the evening broadway type shows followed by finding a favorite band in one of the many lounges where we listen nightly to a variety of musical styles – how we love watching fellow cruisers dance and enjoy their vacation. My favorite music is the steel drums with all the Caribbean flavor! That’s usually poolside during the afternoons. 

Love this music! Find more on Facebook – Junior’s Steel Pan Jams and you will be on Island Time too

We ran into our neighbors on this cruise – we enjoyed a few shows together and evening music. They are “diamond” level with this cruise line – not sure how many that is, but we are just “gold” card carriers (we’ve had several cruises on another line too). They were cruising just a few weeks ago, and they are like us – don’t care where the ship goes, just want to be on it!

The Quilt Rambler on Island Time
Linda & Danny, Karen & Johnny enjoy listening to bands in the evenings

Rain rain go away – we’re cruising today 

Rain on the OceanIt’s been a very wet year, including several days recently with flooding in our yard. We were hoping to avoid any tropical depressions in the gulf this past week, which thankfully we have! However, we’ve had our share of rain on this cruise.

Just saw tonight’s news and see that there IS a tropical depression, potential hurricane, exactly where we just cruised – God was certainly merciful to us!

Rainy afternoons are great for napping, didn’t realize just how much this past year has really worn us down – the best solution we found was daily two-hour naps! Oh the advantages of an inside cabin, you can sleep late in the mornings or nap in the afternoon in comfortable darkness and quiet. Island time at it’s best!


Even with the rain, it’s still Island Time!


I found it very humorous that a family continued to sit in the rain for the afternoon poolside movie! Why not, they were wet already!


Island Adventures

We didn’t book any excursions on this cruise, in fact, most times we don’t as we just enjoy walking around the towns on our own treasure hunt for local crafts or décor. Cozumel is a frequent port of call and my mission, which I chose to accept, was to be on the lookout to add to my Talavera collection. I’m never disappointed- except that I can’t just take it all home!

First stop, Cozumel Mexico!


My favorite treasure hunt – Talavera pottery!


The beautiful coast of Cozumel


A local on Island Time


Local Island Flare – handcrafts galore in Cozumel


Yep, we be chillin’ – it’s Island Time

Due to the rain, and admittedly a little fatigue, we didn’t disembark in Belize. No worries, it was a much needed day of rest with plenty of food and onboard entertainment. Ran into another friend of mine during the week on the ship! Patty is a fellow quilter who loves to cruise, she’s a pro at this, 28+ cruises. Oh my, I just remembered – she and her husband are doing back to back cruises and she’s on the ship again this week! Be safe Patty! Good quilting/cruising buddies are invaluable!

We’ve quilted together now we’ve cruised together! One day we’ll combine the two! Island Time with Patty and The Quilt Rambler

Our last port of call was Roatan, an island of Honduras. Last year was our first time at this port and we were eager to return. Again, nothing planned, just enjoying the sights and sounds of the island. We walked along a nature trail and then a beach area before exploring the shops. I wasn’t disappointed – coming home with a wooden serving bowl and eight small bowls I will use to serve meals at my Landlocked Quilting Cruises ™ beginning this spring (schedule and registration coming soon!).

Colorful local flare at the craft market in Mahogany Bay. I see a few items I wished I’d brought home!

Found a hidden treasure – see the lizard making his way up to the coconuts!


The day was still young, so we relaxed around the pool before dinner. I just love this current worldview!


My kind of island time – beautiful sunset marking the end to a wonderful day – we shall return!!!


Around The Ship

Current worldview – Relaxing on the Serenity Deck

There’s something for everyone aboard a cruise ship – from the casinos to the piano bar, the food (oh the food!), the fabulous entertainment, fitness, and fun. Okay, so I didn’t do it all – no piano bar, no casino and certainly not any fitness unless you count the zillion steps each day! For me, it’s all about being unplugged – a time for my busy brain to take a break, no alarms, no schedule, just put my feet up and relax!

Island Time is taken very seriously on the Serenity Deck


Yep, my current worldview location changed a bit each day, or several times a day! I love Island Time



It’s always fun to come back to your cabin to find the little critters. I love towel art – and yes, I bring my own quilt – don’t you?


The service is excellent aboard a ship – it’s fun being pampered. Rommel was our cabin steward, he’s from the Philippines  – the last night he left the heart towel art for us.


Oh no! Say it ain’t so!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler,

thankful for island time –

refreshed and  ready to get back to “let’s talk quilts”

That’s all folks!
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10 thoughts on “Current Worldview – Island Time”

  1. I also enjoy cruising! If I could figure out how to get my longarm in a room, I would happily live on a cruise ship. I enjoy everything about it, from people watching, the food, the service, ports of call, activities…just wish hubby was retired so we could go on more cruises!!! Island time is the best, no matter which island!!

  2. Not sure which Phyllis you’re referring to but this Phyllis totally agrees that turquoise is a neutral…..along with coral…

    1. Funny – I forget I know more than one Phyllis 😏 a different one gasped at my color chips from the paint store during reconstruction 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️ thought she’d enjoy the jab – glad to know you are in agreement 😋

  3. Good evening! I am so happy to read this post. You two sure earned a vacay of rest and relaxation. We love to cruise! I love being onboard the ship – so many things to do if you wish or not. Whatever floats your boat, so to speak. HAHA! We have taken several cruises on NCL, and I got to cruise once on Carnival as a travel agent on a cruise to no where (we couldn’t get off the ship). My next wish-list cruises are the Baltic Sea out of Copenhagen or the Panama Canal. I’ll have to check out your cruise in May, although that timing doesn’t work to well for school folks. Happy quilting! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Can’t convince hubby to cruise – I may have to go without him. I love those turqouse and black water shoes. What brand are they? Comfortable?

  5. Looking at all the beautiful photos and I realized that my breathing
    had slowed down! Thanks for all the photos and wonderful stories you
    tell. Its such a joy to read them.

    1. The dates and schedule will be announced soon – on baby watch right now as we continue to move back home. Never enough hours in the day. Sure would love to have you for the landlocked quilting cruise!!!

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