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Island Quilters Holiday Party

The Island Quilter’s Guild of Galveston sure know how to throw a good holiday party!

We are a small group, about 90+ members. We call this our “holiday” party, not to be politically correct but out of mutual respect – we have members that celebrate Hanukkah, members who celebrate the birth of Christ, and members who wrap it all up and simply call it Christmas.  And we just love any excuse to get together for fun, food, fellowship and of course quilts!

Show and Tell

One of my favorite parts of going to a quilt guild meeting is most certainly the show and tell! Without further discussion here’s a little eye candy from our gathering Thursday night.

Shirley’s scrappy quilt
Pat takes the guild members’ scraps and makes charity quilts. She also made the delicious “extreme garlic” HST (half square triangles)!
Katy’s daughter works with a lactation organization called Babe
Peggy is known for her bright colorful creations – this was part of a challenge called The Kid Within Me
Marie finished her quilt from my Double Occupancy workshop earlier this year.


 Island Gals Get a Little Wild With Strip Poker

We love saying that ~ sounds so naughty when you are supposed to be nice this time of year. Our party always includes our annual “strip poker” which is not at all what it sounds like!

First of all, it’s not really poker – it’s more like a big game of battle – highest card wins….and we play with “strips” of 2.5-inch fabric…yep, that’s about as wild as we get! We each bring 25 strips to play with. This year’s theme was brights – past themes have been black & whites, blues, holiday theme, etc.  Quilters just love trading fabrics and adding to their stash! Fabrics collected at the end of the night are a good start to a “jelly roll” quilt – in fact, we have a jelly roll sew-in scheduled in January so stay tuned for that!

Debbie took her role as dealer quite seriously, while Pat looks on to make sure she’s not double-dealing (grin)
Winner takes all

We have several tables with “dealers” and we play 5 games at each table. Everyone anties up and places a strip in the center pile…cards are dealt and the high card picks first. In the event there is a tie, then we “battle” with an additional card to see who goes next.  This process is done for four out of the five games with the final game being winner take all. We rotate tables to mix up the fabric and play four sets. Everyone goes home with at least 20 strips, potentially more if they won the winner takes all.  I actually won that twice!


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, happy to celebrate the holidays with my island girlfriends!






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