In The Works

Projects In The Works

In the works I’m having so much fun with this 31-day blog writing challenge, especially finding graphics to support what day it is on the countdown! This little construction guy is just the perfect fit as there are so many things “in the works” around The Quilt Rambler Studio!

Projects in the Works

Yesterday I completed another customer T-shirt quilt that will be picked up today. I normally do a standard 15″ block with sashing but this particular commissioned work included a very large graphic that needed a little creative piecing, in addition, there were a limited number of shirts to work with. I am pleased with the way it turned out and I can almost guarantee there will be tears when the recipient opens this gift – for you see, it’s a memory quilt made from her deceased husband’s T-shirt collection.

Memory T-shirt Quilt made by The Quilt Rambler

From the graphics on his shirts he must have been quite a character, I’m sure his adult children purchased most of these for him. She’s going to be so please in their thoughtfulness. Let this be a reminder to all of us to pray for those missing a family member this time of year.

Island Batik Ambassador Project in the Works

Island Batik Christmas Fabric In The WorldsI had about an hour “after work” to piece a little on my December challenge. This month is table-toppers made from scraps. I cut out the fabric over a week ago but haven’t had much “late night sewing” or “Sunday sewing” opportunities. Last night, while waiting for an evening appointment,   I did manage to chain piece one background piece out of the four background pieces to my diamonds needed to make the diamond in a rectangle units. I just love the holiday batiks.  Twelve days to Christmas! Stay tuned for this one!

In the Works on the Homefront

We actually have a date circled on the calendar to begin reconstruction after Hurricane Harvey!! Last night our representative from Repipe Specialist came over to access our pipes and arrange for their replacement. Our house is 47 years old and it just makes sense to replace water pipes while the walls are down. Unfortunately, this is not covered by any insurance and is a major out of pocket expense, but one we deemed as necessary, This will be our first project in the long journey of recovery and is scheduled for January 2nd! Goodbye galvanized pipes! Goodbye worries about water leaks! Hello new house!

Exposed Galvanized Water Pipes that are in the works to be replaced by Repipe Specalists

In The Works For Today

It’s another busy day balancing the studio and the homefront. Up next are T-shirt quilt blocks ready to go for the next customer Christmas quilt. A big thanks to my little elves who have worked off and on these past few weeks in my studio – my husband and youngest son have been responsible for splitting all the T-shirts, fusing on the interface, and cutting into blocks while my friend Dianne has added the fabric sashing to each block. They have worked in assembly-line fashion ahead of me – with the quilt “parts” being housed in individually labeled tote buckets waiting for the next step.

Then it’s my turn. If there are special blocks that need to be pieced (like the one above) then that’s my duty. Next, I chose the layout and piece the blocks together to form the top. Of course, after that, I quilt it on the longarm and add the binding at my sewing machine.

I still can’t believe I lost over two months of quilting due to Harvey and yet with the help of my elves will be meeting all my Christmas commitments! Truly another blessing to count!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, so blessed to have so many things in the works – never a dull moment!







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