I love Island Time

I would like it better if I were on the island today – or in the middle of the Caribbean on a cruise ship…but alas, I’m not. I’m still stuck in winter on the Texas gulf coast, where recently we broke all sorts of records with a high of 81 and now it’s dark, dreary and raining at about 59 which isn’t too cool, but summer it is not! And snow it’s not – know some of you are truly dealing with winter, so I’ll not complain!

Ah, but when I’m surrounded by beautiful Island Batik fabrics it’s better than “Calgon Take Me Away!” and I feel like I’m on Island Time!

I mentioned briefly that I received a HUGE shipment from Island Batik with my “Signature Line” for Fall Market 2020, designed for me by Kathy Engle of Island Batik. Oh it is sooooo yummy! Yes, fabric can be yummy – especially this fabric – almost as good as dark chocolate covered ice cream on a stick. Close call that one! Well….want to know a little bit more about what’s in these boxes? Sure you do!

Which would you choose? 20 Fat Quarters with 1 yard of Sprinkles or 1 yard of solid black?

Playing in Fabric

Okay, I know teasers aren’t nice, but seriously, it’s all I can do right now – and I can’t stay silent so you will just have to put up with me for a bit…but you know me, I always say “good things come to those who wait” and trust me – this is worth the wait!

What I Did Today

See those luscious bundles above? Yep, you guessed it! The first thing I did today was to cut a half yard off each and every 20 bolts of my FM20 (Fall Market 2020) fabric line to make not one but two, count them two, sets of fat quarter bundles! And since I can’t show them I figured why not wrap them up with a yard of the basics I also received in my shipment? Why not indeed! Gotta love creative wrapping!

Can you guess what I’m going to do with these secret fabrics? Well, actually I’m going to just sit them on my shelf and drool over them while I wait. Grin. Wait….wait….wait…until fall when I will be having lots of fun actually sharing the fabric and I do mean SHARE! For you see dear readers – these fabulous fun fabric bundles will be given away – YES indeed – aren’t you excited! I am…but we must wait. Until fall… Watch for these bundles to pop up every now and then in the background of other photos/posts. Hidden but not forgotten!

It’s Nice To Share

Speaking of sharing, I not only cut fat quarters today from THE Signature Line FM20 (new name until I can reveal the real name) I also cut yardage….ohhhhh….for quilts…..ohhhh… do tell!

I’m not certain that I have shared this yet….but I am known to repeat myself…I have asked four of my designer friends to come along side me to create brand new designs for YOU to use with THE Signature Line FM20. The journey is so much sweeter with friends, don’t you think?

I spy….colorful trims

Remember my mascot Little Lion Judah? He’s been rather shy for a bit but is now full fledged engaged in the happenings of the studio! You’ll see more of him this upcoming year.

Today “we” sent out yardage to two of my designers – Brian McCoy, who you know as my brother from another mother, my co-teacher on my cruise this November (which just happens to be a few weeks after THE Signature Line FM20 is revealed!). Brian is also a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor as well as a shop owner of Bolts & Quarters Quilt Shop in Parkersburg WV. He designs a lot of projects that he teaches at his shop, as well as he designed our cruise quilts. So naturally I asked him if he’d like to be apart of my design team…and….yep – the big box on the bottom got shipped to him today – if you know Brian, you know he likes BIG quilts!

The second box went out to my friend Terri Vanden Bosch of Lizzard Creek Quilting in Iowa. Terri and I “met” during my Island Batik Ambassador days – although we haven’t actually met in person we’ve talked over the phone! I asked Terri to be apart of my design team and she said yes – not yes to the dress but yes to beautiful Island Batik fabrics! I can’t wait to share her design! I know you are going to love it! I’m so thankful she’s joined me as she leads a very busy fun-filled life – you will want to follow her blog to see her own sneak peeks this year as she works on THE Signature Line FM20 …but let me allow Terri to tell you in her own words a little about herself. This is her intro to our design team….

Hi all!! Terri here from Lizard Creek Quilting! Sew excited that Karen is sharing her first fabric collection with us! A little about me—been quilting for just about 30 years now. Long arming for 12 and pattern designing the last 3. I help my husband with all the hog chores on our farm in NW Iowa. If you had Hormel bacon for breakfast it was probably from one of our hogs. When not quilting or farming I am usually planning the next motorcycle adventure or spoiling on our grandkids!! I am a child of God and love this crazy, busy and blessed life He has given me!! Can’t wait to see what He has in store for this new adventure of Karen!!!

But Wait ~ There’s More!

I have two more designers to introduce in another blog post after I cut their yardage and ship for them to begin their own secret sewing!

Ramble ‘N Sew

Since so much of my future sewing is sorta secret – who am I kidding! Almost ALL my sewing between now and April 15th is secret sewing… therefore my personal sewing has to be put on the “to do list” so as not to neglect my own need to create something that doesn’t necessarily have a deadline. Mainly to have something to share!

That’s why I came up with the brainstorm idea of sharing my Sunday sewing as sorta a video blog or whatever it’s called by the younger generation who does it so well…I’m just calling it Ramble ‘N Sew where I will share 15 minutes of my personal sewing time with you in The Quilt Rambler Studio. Kinda like sitting across from me at a Sew-In or Retreat.

click here to view first Ramble ‘N Sew

In case you missed it, Episode One was recorded and posted this past Sunday on my YouTube channel – be kind, it’s the first one and I’ve already made hundreds of notes of how I can do it better! I have big plans for this Sunday for Episode Two…we’ll see how it goes. It’s not going to be a weekly event, although I’d like for it to be, I just know that there are a lot of Sunday afternoons that have other plans (from a hammock nap to family events) but I’ll play around with this idea for as long as there’s an interest. Time will tell.

Speaking of Time – Island Time

Bringing it around full circle again – my mind is truly always seeking Island Time – time to relax, refresh and renew…maybe that’s why I surround myself with vivid tropical colors! Chases the winter blues away..and I think why I’ve been wild lately with my nail polish! Yep – a gal needs color especially when working at the computer or calculating stuff!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler – thoughts of you, my dear friends, warms my heart – thanks for sharing the journey!

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3 thoughts on “I love Island Time

  1. farmquilter says:

    Fun to watch you sew and ramble. I am now a subscriber of your youtube channel – xo2quilt here!! The Island Batik fabrics never get old!!! I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Oh my Karen. Waiting…is…so…hard!!! I think I’d choose the bundle with the sprinkles! I love that blender fabric!! But then again, I love ALL Island Batik fabrics!!

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