No, not the cute little birds that are so welcomed in the springtime garden…a little quilt I made back in 2013 I called Hummingbird to reflect the old fashioned name for a quilt block made with what I now call “Corner Beam units” made with a Studio 180 Design tool by the same name… Now that that’s clear (grin)…here’s my ramble.

Hummingbird – Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™

This past weekend kicked off the 2020 teaching schedule for my Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ events. Five ladies joined me in The Quilt Rambler Studio for a fun workshop learning to use the Corner Beam tool to make my pattern Hummingbird. I just love seeing the different fabrics and how they come together, don’t you?

Sunday Fun Day

Did you happen to catch Episode 2 of “15 Minutes to Ramble ‘N Sew” on my YouTube Channel? It almost didn’t get filmed as there were lots of special events going on that day – including a tea party with our sweet Reagan.

The Quilt Rambler on The Road

Monday had me packing my bags to hit the road! Picked up my side kick Dianne as we headed down the road to La Grange Texas to share my trunk show with the Colorado Valley Quilter’s Guild.

Tuesday morning Dianne and I met up with our guild hostess Helen who introduced us to a wonderful group of quilters that were soon bombarded with those two suitcases full of quilts as I rambled on for about an hour during their morning guild meeting.

We broke for a quick sandwich luncheon where I enjoyed getting to visit more with the ladies before the room was transformed into a classroom where once again I had the privilege of sharing my Hummingbird quilt with instructions on using Deb Tucker’s Corner Beam tool to make the units. Once again, I enjoyed seeing all the different fabrics and creative use of individual color palettes. I think they did a great job!

All too soon our day was concluded as we loaded up the car to head back to our hotel – not before doing a “drive by” downtown La Grange….had to locate the Texas Quilt Museum, alas, it wasn’t open during our adventure – which simply means we must come back to this delightful town!

Fly Home Hummingbird

Awoke this morning to a beautiful sunrise as we packed our bags to head south…but not without a quick stop to the local quilt shop!

Texas Quilt Barn

I was “on mission” looking for a particular color of Island Batik fabric for my current Mystery Quilt project and was rewarded with the perfect match! Enjoyed our tour of the quilt shop AND the adjoining classroom area! Who knows! Perhaps another trip to La Grange might include more opportunities to share a workshop or two!

Looking Ahead

Once I re-hang all the quilts I took off the walls for my trunk show I’m going to do a little sewing! The hard part is deciding which project to work on first… Will I make another set of Shaded 9 Patch placemats? Teaching this technique next Monday at my TnT workshops – I’ve made two but I’m thinking I’d like to make a full set of 4 with different fabrics….hum…

Contact TEO’s Treasure’s Quilt Shop to register

Will I be able to work a bit more on my cruise quilt, Tropical Cozumel, during the week or will that be reserved for my Ramble ‘N Sew Sunday Sewing?

I do know I will be cutting fabric in the morning to mail out to my design team as we all are eager to begin this season of secret sewing on THE Signature Line FM20. My problem is deciding which of my three new designs do I want to start with…hum…time will tell.

In the meantime! Simply Celebrate is now available as a PDF on my pattern page – use the coupon in the info below to receive 25% off now through the end of February!

It’s always a pleasure to be able to travel and teach…and it’s good to be home! Gotta make this short and sweet as I was just asked out to dinner! Can’t keep a good man waiting!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler saying thank you to all the sweet ladies I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my passion of quilting with lately! Hope to see you down the road again!

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  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    I can’t believe how big sweet Reagan is getting!! They grow up so quickly! Wish we had a shop that carried Island Batik fabrics!!

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