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He or She? We’re having a grand baby!!!

Today was THE day. A day before Mother’s Day when we gathered with family and friends to celebrate our newest Mother-to-be!

Friends kept the secret for almost two weeks! He or She – what will “Baby O” be? 

Ya’ gotta love technology! Proud Pappa is also a skilled photographer including the expert pilot of a drone. He and his friends figured out a way to “go live” on Facebook so the extended family that could not be here today could gather around their computer/mobile device and join the celebration of the big reveal!


The plan was to pop the balloon with the drone – and of course, about the time everything was set up the wind went crazy! Katie is so good-natured and patient – the perfect ingredient for a mom-to-be. At one point she almost had to duck thinking the drone was going to pop her! In true Overton fashion, the attending Overton future uncle and future granddad called for the use of something more accurate than the drone – “where’s the 45?” (grin – this is Texas y’all)


We couldn’t be happier! Reagan Marie Overton is scheduled to arrive November 4th. She will be granddaughter number one on the Overton side (great-granddaughter number one with great-grandmother Eaton and great-grandparents Overton) and grandchild number four on the Carney side with the equal privilege of being granddaughter number one!

Yep! Little Reagan is number one in all our books! We even learned she was number one on social media with all the congratulations exploding with the big announcement!

WELL DONE KIDDOS! We couldn’t be more excited for all of us! Need to get started on some baby quilts!!!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, taking time to enjoy the moment!

Thank you to the gals who prepared for our big reveal!


Updated 5/13/18 Here’s the YouTube our son made of the big event – enjoy!





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7 thoughts on “He or She? We’re having a grand baby!!!”

  1. Yippee! Reagan Marie, everyone is waiting for you and eager to meet you. Sweet angel, many you have many blessings and grow nice and healthy. May your momma stay healthy as well and have a quick, easy delivery. Even this stranger is eager to meet to and wish you well. ~smile~ Roseanne
    P.S. Congrats, Karen! How super exciting!

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