Geese Over Galveston Bay

I am so excited to finally announce the pattern release of Geese Over Galveston Bay. Patterns will ship next week! In true rambler style here’s the story behind the quilt!

The Goose Flew East

Back around the turn of the century our family lived and worked on the road as modern day gypsies – we traveled with a National Special Event Company serving up Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, Lemon Chill, Super Pretzels and a few other goodies at events like the Kentucky Derby, NASCAR, NHRA, a few PGA tournaments, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We started out in an RV then later converted a goose neck 48 foot trailer into both an area with living quarters and an area to house our mobile carts. We fondly called it “The Goose“. In 2004 we sold The Goose to a family that moved it up east. During this time I was a new quilter so I wanted to use my fat quarters I’d been collecting on the road to make a special quilt I called “The Goose Flew East” – I attempted to have some of the geese pointing in a V formation (yellow scraps) deplecting “east.” Well, I wasn’t as successful as I had invisioned, mainly I had horrible points on my geese and if you look closely you can see the tail tale sign of a begining quilter.

The Goose Flew East made from fat quarters and Geese Over Galveston Bay made with Island Batik fabrics, both original designs by Karen E Overton

Once I was schooled in the Studio 180 Design method of making more accurate flying geese I knew I wanted to recreate this design. And the rest they say is history (grin).

Geese Over Galveston Bay
What’s old is new again, The Goose Flew East inspired Geese Over Galveston Bay, both by Karen E Overton


Geese Over Galveston Bay In The Making

This time last year Island Batik was calling on designers to submit original patterns to feature their upcoming Spring Market 2018 fabric collections. In looking over the fabric swatches I determined that the British Rose collection would be perfect to recreate my design from 2004, The Goose Flew East.

Island Batik British Rose Collection used in Geese Over Galveston Bay
British Rose by Island Batik

My design was approved and thus began the adventure! The fabric samples arrived in October 2017 and I got busy making flying geese!

Flying Geese Units for Geese Over Galveston Bay
Flying Geese Units are fast to make with the four at a time method with Studio 180 Design’s Wing Clipper (r) tool

Before too long I had the quilt pieced and on the longarm. If you’ve been following me you know that this time last year I was working in my “studio without walls” as we had striped the house down to bare floors and studs as a result of being affected by Hurricane Harvey. My studio was still operational until we moved in the RV after Christmas to begin reconstruction.

Geese Over Galveston Bay, hot off the longarm frame, with a sneak peak of the shiplap exterior walls exposed in prep for reconstruction after Hurricane Harvey


Geese Over Galveston Bay by Karen E Overton, The Quilt Rambler
Time to photograph – doesn’t the shadow of the tree limb look like a goose on water?


Geese Over Galveston Bay quilt back by Karen Overton
And of course, what longarm quilter doesn’t want to show off the back!


Geese Over Galveston Bay flys to Portland

The quilt was due to Island Batik headquarters before the end of the year to be photographed for their upcoming Spring Market 2018 catlog. It will remain in their care for a full year as it can be requested by quilt shops as part of a trunk show.

Label added, rolled up and shipped to Island Batik

As I’ve shared before, “market” happens twice a year for retailers to preview and shop the upcoming fabrics, patterns and notions related to the quilt industry. Fall Market is always here in Houston – last year my quilts Illuminated Journey and Mint Chocolate Chip previewed at Fall Market 2017 and I can only share that I will have two more patterns focusing on new fabric collections with Island Batiks for Fall Market 2018 so stay tuned for that big reveal. In the meantime, Spring Market 2018 was held in Portland Oregan this past May. Unfortunately I am unable to attend spring markets but one of the Island Batik Ambassadors snapped this photo to send me of Geese Over Galveston Bay on display with other beautiful quilts made from the British Rose collection. (I’m sorry I can’t remember who to give the photo credit to). By the way, these fabrics are shipping now so be sure and request them by name to your local quilt shop.

Geese Over Galveston Bay at Spring Market 2018 Island Batik booth
British Rose section of the Island Batik Spring Market 2018 booth, Geese Over Galveston Bay shown at the bottom.

Geese Over Galveston Bay Pattern by The Quilt Rambler

As mentioned, the patterns are in route now to The Quilt Rambler studio and will be available for purchase and ship out this first week of September. They retail for $11.50 and will be available directly from me or soon to be available from other retailers as well. If you would like to order directly from me please use the contact us form and we will work out the details. One day I will have that online shopping up and operational. Sigh.

Front Cover of Geese Over Galveston Bay pattern by The Quilt Rambler


Back cover of Geese Over Galveston Bay by The Quilt Rambler

Geese Over Galveston Bay Teaching Schedule

I will be adding this to my traveling workshops so please share with your local quilt guild, quilt shop or sewing group. In addition I will be teaching this pattern on an upcoming Quilting Cruise in May 2019 with Stitchin’ Heaven. There are a few spots available so register soon if you want to be a part of this adventure!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, eager to see your creations made with Geese Over Galveston Bay!

PS on a personal note – we were given the keys to the house yesterday – the new adventure of moving back into our “new home same location” has officially begun! Hurricane Harvey is now in our rearview mirror!


6 thoughts on “Geese Over Galveston Bay

  1. Roseanne says:

    Hi Karen! I love this whole post but you certainly saved the best for last!!! I adore that picture of the two of you holding the keys. Thank you Lord! Finally. Now to your pattern and quilt. Beautiful of course and I love hearing the story behind the seams. Big congrats to you! Enjoy your new studio. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Brenda says:

    Beautiful pattern, Karen. And SEW happy to hear you are able to start moving back into your “new” home!! Congrats on both! Hugs and love, Brenda

  3. Elizabeth Jones says:

    sew wonderful to see those keys in your hands. I had family and friends affected by Harvey also. Your positive attitude is to be commended, in spite of the obstacles you have surely had to face. Thank you for your hard work in bringing us this beautiful quilt! God bless!!!

    • TheQuiltRambler says:

      Thanks Elizabeth, its been a long time waiting on those keys but worth the wait! God has surely blessed us! I hope you will try some of my patterns in the future! Best wishes to your family and friends also affected by Harvey – hope it will be in their rearview mirror soon!

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