Friends, Fabric, and Family

I don’t know about you, but my January was “blessfully” busy ~ no, that’s not a typo as indeed I feel blessed to have enjoyed friends, fabric and family this busy month! I thought I’d do a little photo recap of this first month of a new year. Ya’know I do this just so I won’t forget (grin) and I’m so thankful (and blessed) that you are joining me for this documentation of January 2019 through the eyes of this rambler’s phone camera!


Where would I be without my friends! So many of you I have “met” online, with many “online friends” meeting up in person at a quilt show and such ~ which has been fun!. Even though I  have been neglectful in diligently replying to comments (especially on busy blog hop days) please know that I read each word. Knowing that you took the time to read my blog then take time to comment, truly blesses me. It is my desire to be better about personal replies. Until then, I hope you will forgive me and continue to share your thoughts with me!

By the way, on a side note, I really had good intentions of participating in all sorts of linky events – such as the One Month Goal or The Quilter’s Planner photo challenge, but I found that this month I just needed to focus on what I had going on in my own little world. I love all the online events that build community and hope to participate again ~ but in the meantime, I will read the blogs of my quilting friends and enjoy your social media posts.

Special Friends at Teo’s Treasures Quilt Shop

Sheryl introduces Alex from Aurifil

I have some really good “local” friends down at TEO’s Treasure’s Quilt Shop. Beth and Sheryl have a top notch shop and have really accomplished a lot this first year of operation ~ including a move to a bigger facility when they were just a few months old! Back in the fall, they brought in the owner of Aurfil threads for a lecture, I neglected to blog about it as things were very busy around our household (the event was four days after Reagan, our first grandbaby was born, so I have a good excuse!) ~ but I mention it here as a notation of the things these ladies are providing to the quilting community. There’s another really interesting lecture coming up but I don’t think they have announced it yet so I will zip my lips!

Such beautiful quilts with fabulous threads were part of the Aurfil presentation

One thing that was fun this month was being invited to a customer appreciation luncheon at the quilt shop. Beth and Sheryl invited their top twenty loyal customers for a luncheon complete with a goodie bag for all with a special presentation to their top five customers. I was invited to attend as a teacher, along with several other teachers, to share my upcoming classes for the first half of the new year. If you follow me on social media you may remember this photo collage.

Customer Appreciation Luncheon at Teo’s Treasures Quilt Shop where I purchased fabric for this summer’s class Tumbling Triangles

Students Make For Good Quilting Friends

Speaking of classes, I had sew much fun teaching a two-day workshop at Teo’s featuring Deb Tucker’s tools and Studio 180 Design’s pattern Stormy Stars. Not only was this my first workshop of the year but the first of offering a multiple day class. After the feedback from my students, along with comments the shop received from their recent survey, it won’t be the last! In the works are several half-day classes spread out over several weeks to allow the students to work a little at home on what they learned in class pertaining to a particular tool or unit then return for the next step to continue on the same project. I’m excited to start rethinking a few of my local workshops (and am open to suggestions ~ so local gals, that means I need your comments!)

We had a great two days together, so much so that I neglected to take photos ~ I did manage a few to share with you.

I love it when my students come prepared to class – I do provide handouts with supply lists and “homework” so we can spend more time sewing and learning!


Giving credit where credit is due ~ this is Kathy, my organized student whose “parts and pieces” were pictured above. See, she’s even using the “paper plate system” to keep those parts and pieces even more organized! Way to go Kathy!


Marlene is so focused! Even so, I know she’s listening in to Beth who is photobombing and join us from above (grin)


Yes, Beth is joining in the fun ~ she was actually standing on a footstool putting up fabric after a recent customer’s purchase but got caught up in our lively conversations, have I mentioned that I love the owners of Teo’s Treasures!


and one more thing” (grin) Gotta love Beth and Sheryl, they truly care about their customers. They are ready to help in any way necessary, plus they make each of us feel like we are welcomed in their shop ~ by the way, Beth did come to join us when we took a break for lunch, as much as possible between helping other customers.


Jane didn’t miss a beat and focused on making her diamonds rects units, perfecting her stitch length until she found that perfect sweet spot on her travel machine.


Hard work pays off ~ here’s a sneak peek of her units made on day one of Stormy Stars workshop


Day Two we switched from the Diamond Rects tool to the Square Squared tool, both part of the Studio 180 Design toolbox


Gail presents her units! Good job!

Two of the ladies chose to make their Stormy Stars quilts using the same Island Batik fabrics as the pattern cover (Blue Moon collection) and two chose individual color palettes.  Once a few units were constructed it was fun to place their units over the class sample to “visualize” how their quilts were going to come together. I can’t wait to see their finished quilts in the near future!

Pieced units overlaid on the class sample


Another color palette in the works

I think everyone was pleased with our accomplishments those two days ~ I know I was ~ I love it when my students learn a new skill! To celebrate the conclusion of a busy weekend my hubby took me out to dinner, which just happened to be the evening of the full moon/blood moon. I captured the “moonrise”  at sunset on the bay. I  hate to admit that I didn’t stay up to watch the eclipse. Sigh. Maybe I’ll be around for the next one in twenty or thirty years.

Full moon rising over Galveston Bay 1.20.19


Naturally, there was lots of fabric in my January! The first few weeks were spent with my “secret sewing” project for the Island Batik Ambassador Getaway Blog Hop, in case you missed it here’s the link to my post ~ I hope you had time to keep up with the month-long blog hop! So many excellent quilts made with extraordinary fabrics! Yep, I’ve kept my sewing machine humming and enjoyed every moment.

Mint Chocolate Chip (one of my patterns) in Bazaar fabrics. Designed, Pieced and Quilted by The Quilt Rambler. Fabric provided by Island Batik as part of the 2018 Island Batik Ambassador program

While I was working on the ambassador project I was asked to participate in another upcoming blog (as in the first week of February) so I quickly designed a quilt and requested the needed fabric. Once my Island Batik Ambassador blog post was complete and posted I began sewing on this next “secret project” ~ but this time you won’t have to wait too long for the reveal…As a matter of fact, I finished piecing the top Jan 30th and it is now loaded and ready for quilting on the longarm!

Up next ~ more secret sewing using the beautiful Island Batik fabrics

I think that’s all the fabric fondling I did in January. I’ve got a few more secret projects in the future but it’s kinda unfair to tease you any more than what I have already!


You didn’t think I’d neglect to share photos of our sweet Reagan, did you? While I didn’t get to see her in person for several weeks due to everyone’s busy schedule I am thankful that my kiddo’s do share photos with me! It does help that she’s so photogenic and her daddy is a professional photographer. What can I say?! Needless to say, I already have a “Reagan Wall” down the hallway of my favorite photos so far (I think I’m gonna need a bigger wall!)

Katie says Reagan wakes up happy like this every day! Oh, and I made the Boppie cover she’s using (grin)


Our “baby” Jake turned 31  on January 17th He’s best known now as Reagan’s Uncle Shaggy


Happy 3 month birthday Reagan!

The last weekend of the month was a busy one here in my house as we prepared for a visit from my mom, sister, and brother-in-law. This was their first visit “south” since way before Hurricane Harvey. We enjoyed sharing our “new house same location” on a room by room tour, which is still a work in progress, but naturally, our sweet Reagan was the center of attention! I mean really, who cares about the fabric picked out for curtains when there’s a baby to coo over!

Uncle Shaggy, Great Mam, Mommy Katie, and our adorable Reagan 1.26.19

Future Forecasting

February is just around the corner and I don’t have time to care if the groundhog sees his shadow or not (gasp!) There’s lots to do and it’s all so exciting that I can hardly wait! Currently, I am continuing with my “secret sewing” for the February blog hop quilt (more details about the hop next week ~ hint, it does involve Deb Tucker’s tools and Island Batik fabrics so you certainly want to subscribe and follow this rambling blog if you don’t already!). I do hope to quilt and bind “said quilt”  this weekend. Oh, the anticipation of sharing it!!!

In addition, I’m trying to close out my 2018 business books. Yep, it’s that time of year that I get to work a little harder for my Uncle Sam ~ good thing I have a fabulous bookkeeper this year to help me out!

Sheri, Curran Bookkeeping, is highly recommended ~ she works online with me (and most of her clients) but on occasion, we like to work together ~ such a great friend and so blessed to have her assistance.

Oh, and did I mention that I’ve got a couple of classes upcoming at Teo’s Treasures Quilt Shop? Monday, February 4th I will be teaching Sugar and Spice, then on Saturday, February 16th, I will be teaching FanFare. Both are Studio 180 Design patterns. More details can be found on my schedule page with a link to the quilt shop’s website to enroll.

Land Locked Quilting Cruise

Something else coming up that I’m over the moon excited about is the launching of my Land Locked Quilting Cruise (TM) ~ we have been busy getting the classroom ready (living rooms are so over-rated). The chairs came in last week, I’ve test driven one of the six student sewing machines as I worked on my Island Batik Ambassador project, AND the supplies are arriving daily. I am kicking this off with a one-day private event with my P3’s (pattern proofing peeps) on Valentine’s Day to work out all the kinks and fine tune the details for the upcoming three-day adventures scheduled throughout 2019. The dates are on the website and soon I will be announcing projects, pricing and how to register. Class size is limited to six students ~ so gather up your quilting friends and pick a date to join this rambler on a quilting adventure you will write home about!… Oh, I want to tell you more, more, more ~ details are coming soon I promise!

There’s still work to be done to get this “living room” converted into the classroom for The Quilt Rambler’s Land Locked Quilting Cruise (TM) Trust me, the room is bigger than it looks ~ still so much clutter after our “move in” post Harvey


Don’t you just love the colorful sewing machine table chairs! Family tested and approved. Which is your favorite color?


Test driving the new Janome sewing machines for future Land Locked Quilting Cruise (TM) with The Quilt Rambler ~ it passed the test!


Preparing the sewing boxes for each student with all the notions needed for The Quilt Rambler’s Land Locked Quilting Cruise (TM)

Future Patterns

I’m working with my graphic artist and text editor on the final proof of my latest pattern Paradise Island ~ details will be coming in the next week or so. There are three more that I hope to produce by the end of spring. Wish there were more hours in my day that’s for sure! I also need to set up that online shopping for print patterns as well as a way to download PDF’s. Trust me, I haven’t forgotten! In the meantime, you may reach me with the contact us form for pattern inquiries or to schedule a workshop/lecture.

Next Up – February!

Yep, I’m about ready to close out a busy January to jump feet first into another new, exciting, and equally blessed month. Time keeps marching on! Stay tuned for an upcoming ramble about “Time” until then, stay warm and cozy. Remember snow days are sewing days! And if you live in the south like me you don’t have to wait for the snow to sew (that’s a good thing!)

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler

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  1. Roseanne says:

    Hi Karen! So, so, sew much goodness in this post. Baby Reagan! How, how, HOW can she be three months old already?!! Our sweet girl will be one month old tomorrow, so I know how quickly it goes by. I enjoy a mostly daily picture of the now two babies and sometimes even a video or two. I am going to check out your land locked quilting cruise dates to see if I can’t make one of them work. I think it sounds like a hoot and a half. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Brenda says:

    Awesome, Karen! I do hope I can make it to one of your cruises this year! Thanks for sharing that sweet pic of Reagan! She is growing so fast!

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