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First Easter

This rambler is unashamedly sharing photos of our sweet Reagan and personal thoughts as we prepare for Easter 2019…

Fabric Covered Clotheline Basket

Several weeks ago I began a project with the goal of making an Easter basket for our first grandchild…I started in plenty of time with the intention of documenting the process and making a tutorial. Well, I sorta did that…sorta.  Have video footage explaining the process but just ran out of time trying to edit (I’m new to editing videos) and get a blog post together. Goodness, it’s been a wonderful whirlwind lately…wanting to make a fabric basket for Reagan, flying to Florida for workshops, having my Open Studio (and rearranging 2/3’s of the house in preperation) not to mention needing to make quilt samples for upcoming workshops…but Easter has a set date and I just had to finish my gifts!

The basket base was made several weeks ago but I was stumped on how to do the handle. I had several ideas on my spring pinterest board but nothing was exactly what I wanted. The thoughts of K.I.S.S. came to mind, keep it simple sweetie. Once I had a design in mind it went together rather quickly.

Fabric Covered Easter Basket for Reagan’s First Easter

But Wait, There’s More

Always more (grin). I had originally planned on making this little bunny to take to the hospital when Reagan was born…obviously that didn’t happen. I have had the pattern since the early 1980’s when I made one each for our sons. The pattern has ears for a puppy, kitty, mouse, and bunny so naturally I made the bunny for Reagan’s first Easter. If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw the sneak peek of just the little paws and all the funny guesses of friends trying to figure out what I was making.

I also wanted to make a new bib ~ have had this pattern and hadn’t tried it out yet. Figured I needed to make just one to see if the size was correct then perhaps I can make a few more.

Our Big Day!

The kids came over today (Saturday) to pick up Reagan’s Easter basket so it can be filled for tomorrow. We hadn’t seen Reagan since she has started sitting up on her own so we enjoyed our little chats with her on the kitchen island. Yep, it was a kodak moment!

Oh Oma! I love my new bib!


For me?!?


Bunny ears are perfect for that first tooth that I’m cutting!


Two happy gals! Oma and sweet Reagan.


Oma! Look at me, I can sit in the basket all by myself!


Look at me Big Daddy! I can even hold on to the handles and chew on them too if I want to!


What’s up Uncle Shaggy? You don’t want to chew on my bunny ears, do you?


Oma I love playing on your “dizzy quilt” with my new bunny.


What do you mean it’s time to take a nap? I don’t want to leave Oma’s and Big Daddy’s!

Our visit was short but oh so sweet! Did I mention that Reagan is 6 months old today! She is growing so fast, sitting up by herself, rolling over, reachng for toys, cutting teeth. Such a joy to be around if I do say so myself!

First Easter

While this may be Reagan’s first Easter, my thoughts go back to the very first, what is sometimes called Resurection Day. For you see, during the Passover many long years ago Jesus became the sacrifical Lamb and was crucified on the cross as the sin offering to reconcile mankind to our Creator God. As both Son of Man and the Son of God, only the sinless Jesus was worthy to offer His life for ours. He was placed in a borrowed tomb and in three days, just as He told His disciples, He rose again! Only God can do that! Christmas celebrates Jesus’ coming in the form of a man child while Easter celebrates Jesus’ complete sacrifice for our sins, taking our place when our sins deserved death and seperation from a Holy God. Jesus was resurected, seen by His disciples and many more, before assending into the heavens. He died for a a debt He didn’t owe to pay a debt I couldn’t pay. Through His death and resurection all my sins are forgiven and though His gift and my faith in Him I know I will be forever be with Him in eternity. What a glorious event to look forward to! This holy day is my reminder that I am a child of The King! This is why I celebrate!

While we celebrate this time with family, perhaps with gifts, baskets, food, etc we are mindful of the real reason for Easter and I can’t wait until Reagan is old enough to understand that even though she is loved very much by so many people that Jesus loves her more than any of us combined. He loved her (and us) enough to die for us. More than amazing if you truly reflect on this.

If this thought is new to you or if you have any questions concerning faith in Jesus I would be honored if you would send me an email and we could talk about this. I’d also suggest that you visit a local church for Easter services or if you’d rather watch online please visit this website to watch a live service at 9 AM or 11 AM CST on Easter Sunday. 

God loves you.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, who more importantly identifies as the daughter of King Jesus. Happy Resurection Day!

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