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More End of the Year Thoughts – Future Challenges

There are a few hours left in 2017 and I couldn’t help but think of some of the challenges facing me in 2018. Not necessarily difficult challenges,  perhaps time-consuming, but all will be opportunities for growth.

Earlier today I shared generic goals for 2018 both in my quilting and in my personal life. I’ve been thinking a bit about that and thought I’d elaborate a bit to perhaps even make a plan.

First Things First:

I do want to continue using my Bible app, but I haven’t decided which reading plan to do this year. For several years I’ve done the One Year Bible because I have that in book form as well as on my iPhone…need to make a decision tonight I guess!

I also enjoy getting Daily Bible Verse emails and text.

watchman.orgAt church today we had a guest speaker, James Walker from Watchman share a message on “Always Be Ready to Give a Defense” who suggested a 10-day challenge to train in being ready to defend and share our faith.  I signed up and thought this a good way to start my New Year.

Other goals of being healthy and such don’t need to be repeated, they just need to be put in practice!

Challenges for 2018:

I have truly enjoyed the 31-day blog writing challenge and I realize I have a lot to learn so this has spring-boarded challenges for 2018. I plan on doing more research on what constitutes a blog worthy of following – I’m sure there will be some changes along the way!

Be A Better Blogger

One thing I especially want to learn is how to navigate my way around WordPress better as well as learn how to use PhotoShop and/or Lightroom.  My immediate goal is to learn how to resize photos for the web and add my watermark. Here are a few attempts earlier today. If anyone has suggestions for online (free) tutorials to learn these programs I do hope you will leave the information in the comments below!

Baby quilt made from Island Batik precut squares by The Quilt Rambler
My last quilt made in 2017 was gifted today in expectations of a baby girl due soon in the new year.
Thread play of Karen Overton's Signature butterfly quilted into a baby quilt
“Karen’s Special Butterfly” was quilted into the quilt as The Quilt Rambler’s signature – all hand guided, not computerized or digitized

Build My Workshop Samples

Another specific goal is to fill up these empty project boxes with my workshop materials. Deb Tucker calls them “A class in a box.” Each will house a complete workshop or demo using Studio 180 Design tools and technique sheets.

Empty boxes hold so much potential for future projects
Future planning – these boxes were purchased as part of the post-Harvey studio redo and will hold demo step-outs as well as technique workshops and class sample visuals
With so many wonderful tools by Studio 180 Design and so many beautiful Island Batik fabrics this challenge of filling my boxes will be a pleasure indeed

Participate in Online Challenges and Quilting Communities

I may be repeating myself, haven’t had much sleep in the past few days…if I haven’t mentioned already…well, I purchased the Quilter’s Planner and as soon as it arrives I am eager to write all these goals in my plan book. I am also considering accepting their challenge of a block of the month and perhaps the Instagram challenge for January… we will see…

I really want to do this as I know Leslie who is “the fearless leader”. I think it will be fun! Doesn’t her kitty look like Oscar!

Another online challenge that I think is so doable is the Elm Stree Quilts One Monthly Goal. You need to visit their website and enroll. Now, this is my kind of challenge! I set my own goal for the month (like the Quilter’s Planner Sampler or one future workshop box complete) and link up with the host and be “accountable”.  I think you should check it out if you haven’t already done so.  In addition, there will be Designer Highlights along the way. I bet this fits in with my goal of being a better blogger and designer!

Personal Challenges:

The biggest one is happening right now! In the next few days, we are moving things out of our flood-damaged house into storage. If you’ve been following my post-Harvey rambles you will know that it’s been a long wait game….waiting for insurance to release funds so we can begin reconstruction. At this time the funds are stalled at the mortgage company pending their approval of my contractor and bid. We anticipate things moving forward right after the holiday.

Time to move the studio! This is an ongoing saga so there will be more!

Studio in a Box – or boxes! Finding their way to the storage facility in preparation for our Harvey reconstruction
man moving boxes into a storage unit
And so it begins….moving on up!

Closing thoughts

Yes, life is full of challenges. Some are fun like a block of the month program, others are just plain work! Bottom line is doing the best you can to face each challenge and being an overcomer! Oh, and don’t forget to laugh along the way! Choose joy this year my friends!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, ready to turn that calendar page and welcome the challenges of 2018 head-on!





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