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Count Down To Christmas in The Quilt Rambler Studio

The days are moving too fast! The countdown to Christmas is getting really serious here in The Quilt Rambler Studio.

It’s day 15 of the 31-day blog writing challenge but only 10 days until Christmas! Sew much to do!

Our youngest son lives next door and his cat Oscar has in and out privileges coming through the “doggie door” in the studio. I never know when he’s going to pop in for a visit. Most of the time he announces himself with an “I’m here” sort of meow – usually meaning “I need a treat” to which I’m most happy to provide.

Yesterday I was working on a customer t-shirt quilt and I didn’t hear him come in.  I happened to look up from my sewing and…..

An orange cat hiding under a quiltIt’s nice to take a little break and remember to enjoy the little moments even when there’s sew much to do!
Today’s goal is to finish the Baylor t-shirt quilt and move on to the next customer quilt — Christmas countdown continues!
orange cat in The Quilt Rambler studioThis is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler hoping you are enjoying your countdown to the holidays!

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