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Designer Snowball Fight

With the recent distraction of unheard-of temperatures here on the Texas Gulf Coast, I’ve gotten [...]

How Does One Occupy Oneself During A Winter Storm Power Outage?

? oh what a night ? oh wait – that’s tomorrow’s tune…I’m getting ahead of [...]

Houston, we’ve lost power

It actually happened. Around 0230 I woke up because it was too dark and too [...]

How to Organize A Fabric Selection Key For Your Next Quilting Project

Keeping fabric organized for your next quilting project is easy with The Quilt Rambler's Fabric [...]

National Sticker Day

Jan 13th is National Sticker Day - what does that have to do with quilts? [...]

Take A Closer Look

I’ve been working on blocks for my Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor Recertification. About to [...]

Sew Sew Sew

Or perhaps Ho Ho Ho! Those of you who are my northern neighbors I bet [...]

With Us

Taking time to share a word of encourgment, hope, and peace through a visual album, [...]

Let’s Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life. Take a behind the scenes visit into The Quilt Rambler Studio as Karen [...]

Current Worldview – Ramble ‘N Sew

Busy month for you too? Take a a few minutes to catch up with the [...]

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