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Designing A Quilt Pattern from Concept to Print

I have always loved geometry, in fact I fondly remember the joy of making a [...]

Missing You

Today I am truly missing my students. I miss the excitement and joy of teaching [...]

I love Island Time

I would like it better if I were on the island today – or in [...]

It’s Not Friday Yet

Most folks are already planning for their Friday and upcoming weekend while many are actually [...]

How Fast Can The Quilt Rambler Ramble?

At the speed of lightening…or so it seems as we have had more than our [...]

On a Wing and a Prayer

March winds. Looks like change is in the air. Or so the saying goes. For [...]

What’s Up March!?!

March is entering the books with all sorts of crazy fun “March madness” going on [...]

1 + 1 = 3

When does one plus one equal three? No, this is not “new math.”  Sometimes one week [...]

Second Chance

Many times we refer to a decision to change as a do-over, turning over a [...]

It’s in the Details – Studio Update

We had our first spill the other day. Glad to get that over with! Can [...]

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