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Blue Christmas

I wasn’t going to blog today as I have lots on the “to do list” but I found myself writing a novel on Facebook and then realizing that I blogged on that format (grin). Since the audience on social media vs blogging is not always the same, I am sharing here with you…not a fancy format as I’m not taking time to place the photos just so….and I’m sure there are typos…but here’s my thoughts…

🎶 I’ll have a blue Christmas without you 🎶

Our festivities began on Monday and commenced before lunch on Wednesday. While we did have a fabulous time with family, we were unable to spend time with all our kin – missing from our festivities were my mom, sister, and brother-in-law, nor have we seen my aunt & uncle (mom’s brother) and my cousins with their families in years, also missing were my nephew, wife and newly adopted children, and my husband’s only cousin, wife and his extended family. Not like the olden days when everyone lived closer. 

I also miss my dad terribly this time of year. My heart goes out to those who have recently lost loved ones (I know your sorrow and have prayed specifically for several of you). 

So while Christmas is indeed joyful it has its own sorrows too. 

I found myself wandering into the studio needing to sew but not wanting to “work”. My mind needed the non-pressure of “quilting without a purpose” yet the practical side of me said it still needed to be useful (which is course any finished quilt is useful!) I also wanted something quick, not a lot of planning or a lot of math (which I do love by the way) and to use items from my stash. 

I located a bundle from Island Batik that was labeled Alpine Ice, a collection from a few years back. It appeared to be 6 fat quarters and a yard, but apparently I had used a tad in another creation. Oh well. This was a “make it up as you go” quilt so I’d just make do with what I had. Seriously – no plan besides cutting squares and rectangles that were mathematically compatible. I didn’t even count to see if I had enough to pair together. The goal was to just enjoy the process. 

I worked about 6-7 hours and this is what I came up with before I turned out the studio lights to warm up a pot of chili for dinner. I’m considering pulling more fabric from my stash to make a larger border as I do prefer “usable” lap size quilts. Not sure when I will be able to return to sewing on this as there’s so much “work” to do to close out my business year. 

As I reflected on the joys and sorrows of the season, my soul found rejoicing as there is a hope for mankind – that hope was found in a baby laying in a manager, the reason for Christmas. That hope is not past tense, it’s also hope for the future as the Bible promises that Christ will return, and in that day, for those who believe, there will indeed be peace on earth as He will wipe away all tears. Those who have gone before (that also believed) will be reunited (can’t wait to see my daddy and grandparents). This is my hope and my core value. My “faith” as some would call it. Sometimes it seems that everything around me is falling apart – it’s in these lowest times that I need to be reminded “lift up your head, your redemption draws near”.

I am happy that I made a quilt to close out this decade – – it will remind me in future years that no matter “the good, the bad, or the ugly”, no matter the joys or sorrows, no matter feelings or emotions – that this blue quilt means to me calmness, comfort, peace, tranquility but most of all hope! 

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11 – NASB

Presenting “Blue, blue Christmas”, quilt in process :

Fabric pull from Island Batik Alpine Ice Collection
Not all Fat Quarters were full width
Random cuts of rectangles and squares
Blue Christmas, a work in progress
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2 thoughts on “Blue Christmas”

  1. I love that line from Island Batik and you quilt is gorgeous!! I really like that icy blue combined with the deep blues. Yes, when loved ones are missing from the table, for whatever reason, it does leave a bit of a hole in the holidays. That hole can be filled by the Lord, with His immeasurable love, hope and peace. Your quilt is peaceful and will encourage you to spend cold winter evenings under it with a good book.

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