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Extra Extra! Read All About It!

The Secret is Out ~ or at least the first of many to be revealed soon. The Quilt Rambler now has a newsletter! I know you are asking ~ what's the difference between subscribing to the newsletter and subscribing to the blog. Glad you asked! While the blog is my "rest of the story" rambles… Continue reading Extra Extra! Read All About It!

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Save The Day – Blog Hop Coming!

Are you ready for a blog hop! I'm so excited to be a part of the Tuckerize Your Quilting Blog Hop curated by Tammy Silvers, Tamarinis, one of my fellow Certified Instructors with Studio 180 Design ~ and boy do we have a great line up for you! Starting next week several of the CI's… Continue reading Save The Day – Blog Hop Coming!

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Bursting With News – Checking The Boxes

🎶summer breeze, makes me feel fine🎶always have a quilt on my mind 🎶🤦‍♀️ Okay, so maybe everything isn’t a song, but why not! I could be singing 🎶because I’m happy, happy, happy 🎶 Yes, I’m happy because it’s July  and here's my reasons why: (1) summer is my fav time of the year (2) it’s my… Continue reading Bursting With News – Checking The Boxes

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Land Locked Quilting Cruise – Paradise Island

What a fun day in The Quilt Rambler studio at today's one day Land Locked Quilting Cruise featuring my Paradise Island pattern. I have so much fun sharing this pattern, which is truly simple enough for a beginner yet challenging enough to intrigue the most seasoned of quilters. All the units and blocks are made… Continue reading Land Locked Quilting Cruise – Paradise Island

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Fiesta Stars – The Rest of The Story

How many of you remember Paul Harvey, and “the rest of the story”? I remember back before the turn of the century (mid-1990’s) when I homeschooled our sons that the world stopped at noon so we could listen to Paul Harvey on the radio. In keeping with that spirit, I invite you to settle back,… Continue reading Fiesta Stars – The Rest of The Story

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Chasing Rainbows

The title of this post could be multiple choice (a) chasing rainbows (b) rough roads and rainbows or (c) follow your dreams.  Actually it is a tad of each. Warning Will Robinson, transparancy ahead, proceed with caution!  First Things First - Chasing Rainbows It all sorta started Sunday morning heading to rehearsal prior to the… Continue reading Chasing Rainbows

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The Quilt Rambler At Sea

It seems like yesterday that we returned from our quilting cruise, but in fact it was yesterday (or the day before) that I returned from my Certified Instructor training with Deb Tucker. Sew many adventures, sew many tales to tell! But let’s play catch up and return to Island Time! I’m sure you saw a… Continue reading The Quilt Rambler At Sea

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🎶one love🎶 From Jamaica

Karen here, The Quilt Rambler at sea, reporting in 🙃- but of course you know that if you've been following along ... I can't believe today was our last day at port! Where has the week gone! Just a quick update - posting from my phone so forgive the format and any typos - just… Continue reading 🎶one love🎶 From Jamaica

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The Secret is Out!

Back in November, if you remember, I posted several "secret sewing" photos across social media - well dear readers, today is the day to let that secret out! Actually I'm a day late and a dollar short but such is life! Spring Market 2019 I am priveleged to belong to a group of fabulous designers… Continue reading The Secret is Out!