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Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ Event: Mini Lemoyne Star

This past weekend I welcomed 5 students to my Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ event held here in my home studio - our project - Mini Lemoyne Love. You may not can tell by the photo, but this little quilt, and I do mean little, is only thirteen inches square! The star units are 3"… Continue reading Land Locked Quilting Cruise ™ Event: Mini Lemoyne Star

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Shaded 9 Patch – TnT Workshop

I held a TnT workshop yesterday at TEO's Treasures Quilt Shop in Dickinson, the second in a series of half day classes featuring "Techniques 'N Tools" focused on Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design tools and technique sheets. Our workshop focused on making Shaded Nine Patches (S9P) using Deb's technique sheet by the same name. I… Continue reading Shaded 9 Patch – TnT Workshop

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Can We Talk?

Ever have one of "those days" Today was one....if I hadn't of been working on my calendar and knew it was Friday I'd of bet it was a Monday all over again - except I had a good Monday this week.... Maybe it was the weather. I don't do cloudy and dreary very well. Maybe… Continue reading Can We Talk?

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No, not the cute little birds that are so welcomed in the springtime garden...a little quilt I made back in 2013 I called Hummingbird to reflect the old fashioned name for a quilt block made with what I now call "Corner Beam units" made with a Studio 180 Design tool by the same name... Now… Continue reading Hummingbird

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I love Island Time

I would like it better if I were on the island today - or in the middle of the Caribbean on a cruise ship...but alas, I'm not. I'm still stuck in winter on the Texas gulf coast, where recently we broke all sorts of records with a high of 81 and now it's dark, dreary… Continue reading I love Island Time

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Staying Alive Choosing Joy

In a few short hours, as they say, 2019 will be in the history books. A few days ago a friend posted this on Facebook, and I took it to heart... “I know we are in the yearly recap phase on social media and everyone is announcing their biggest wins, but please don’t compare yourself… Continue reading Staying Alive Choosing Joy

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Tissue Cover Tutorial

As promised....last weekend during my Small Business Saturday event I had invited my guests to join me in what I called a "Make It! Take It! Donate It!"event. Simply said, we were making tissue covers (they fit those small travel packages) to donate through my church to a local charity that is collecting items for… Continue reading Tissue Cover Tutorial