Best Laid Plans

Day four 31 day blog writing challengeYesterday didn’t go exactly according to know what they say about best-laid plans…my word is “be flexible.”

The afternoon sewing plans were interrupted by an unexpected visit from our son and daughter-in-law.  No problem. Family first. So it was evening before I was able to begin my table runner project.


cutting diamonds with the Diamond Rects tool by Studio 180 designSunday Sewing Recap

All was going according to plan…Pieces cut out very quickly using the Diamond Rects tool by Studio 180 Design…read the instructions…even the disclaimer of making a few units first before chain piecing…hum…

Looks like this project will have to wait a little longer.

When all else fails, read instructions – time to frog….

The quilting term frogging means to rip out seams

Plan B

Switching gears in the evening I had a phone appointment with The Redneck Quilter, a fellow Certified Instructor with Studio 180 Design. We are collaborating on a pattern that will be yet another secret sewing project over the next few months before the big reveal. I will share more about this later, but here are the beginnings of a color palette based on my twilight moon shot (above) taken going to dinner the other night near Galveston Bay.

Island Batik Basics – great inspiration for the next secret sewing project.

Best Laid Plans for Today

Today’s a new day! Excited to begin putting together this Harley Davison T-shirt quilt for a customer. It’s a surprise Christmas gift for his wife!

Harley Davidson T-shirts to make a quilt by The Quilt Rambler

For those curious as to how I construct my t-shirt quilts here’s a quick little video our son produced earlier this year for me.


This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, wishing you a happy Monday!

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