Behind The Scenes

Oh, how many times I wish I had that “put on the perfect face” look of Jane Jetson. Funny, in a way we all try to do that as we “put our best foot forward” when sharing our lives with others.

The truth is, sometimes things get messy. Sometimes things aren’t picture perfect.

Take for example the mess of rearranging a studio and office. Yep, it’s still a work in progress. I hope to make more progress later today.

I wasn’t going to share this story, but after telling my gals in Monday’s class, and all of us having a good laugh, I decided to just put it out there…but first…

TnT Workshop

A little out of chronological order, but I want to brag on my girlfriends… Earlier this year I began a series of workshops at our local quilt shop I called “TnT with The Quilt Rambler” – which stood for Tools aNd Techniques, naturally with the Studio 180 Design tools…we got interrupted by the lockdown of the pandemic, with a few students having to bow out or miss for various reasons…but overall there were my faithful three – Karen P (who missed this past week due to work), Mary Jane S., and Lisa W. (who you probably recognize as my “outlaw” from previous blogs).

These ladies have faithfully attended workshops with the Lemoyne Star tool, first month we made basic stars, then moved through the technique sheets to make various versions.  The end goal was a big reveal of the “mystery quilt” layout which I presented on Monday…and yes, a layout pattern will be available later, another work in progress.

Mystery Lemoyne Star TnT Quilt Layout Revealed

The Rest of The Story

As mentioned, I shared a story with them about Oscar, our son’s cat who lives next door with in and out privileges at our house. The gals in the workshop have urged me to share it with you too, dear readers… hold on to your rocking chair….

This past Sunday as I finished up my little quilt, Joy Comes In The Morning © for the It’s A Garden Party Row Along, I was seeking the purr-fect spot to take photos for the blog post. We have an empty lot next to us that is beautifully wooded. I thought the greenery would make a garden-like backdrop, with the added bonus of a little wildflower. Since the quilt was small, and didn’t weigh much, I was able to use a clip to hang it from a tall weed-like stalk.

Then Oscar sauntered over. Perfect, I thought, it’s always cute to have a pet in a quilt photo. I’m snapping away taking several photos, hoping one will catch a good pose…then he does this…

He started sniffing the quilt in that curious cat-like manner. And before I could take another breath, he SPRAYED IT!

I was in shock! First because I’ve never seen him do this before, and second because I couldn’t believe what just happened!

Naturally I rushed the little quilt to the laundry and am pleased to report “no quilt was harmed in this experience.”

Behind The Scenes

Now tell me, how can you get mad at such a pretty cat? Our son said it was because the woods next door are Oscar’s territory…my husband said it was actually a complement as Oscar was claiming the quilt for his own…either way, I just have to laugh at the situation – as I’ve always said, laughter is better than crying, as crying just messes up my make up!

Very thankful (1) that things indeed came out with the wash, (2) it was MY quilt and (3) thankful that Oscar must recognize that the quilts in my studio, which he is allowed to nap on, don’t needed to be marked as his territory since he is the only cat allowed inside to visit (grin).

Life isn’t Perfect

So there you have it, proof that the “perfect face mask” doesn’t fit  ~ but that’s okay, if we are honest we all have dust bunnies and not so perfect places in our lives.  Hope you have enjoyed the giggles.

By the way, my son suggested to change the name of the quilt from Joy Comes In The Morning© to Summer Spray, but it was vetoed (grin).

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, saying welcome to those who have found us through the row along! 

7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Oh my gosh!! It definitely is a compliment he claimed it as *his* territory! LOL Cute story and beautiful mystery Lemoyne star!!

  2. Dione Gardner-Stephen says:

    Oh gosh Karen! I enjoyed your story, even though I have an orange cat and could see exactly where it was headed! Thank goodness it all worked out! lol

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