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Yep, call me crazy, but I just accepted Cheryl Sleboa’s challenge to write on my blog for each of the  31 days OF DECEMBER! Once a day! In the busiest month of the year! What was I thinking!  Grin – this is going to be good!


I met Cheryl at Fall Quilt Market 2016 as one of her students, taking multiple classes like re-branding, social media marketing, and a lighthearted class where we drew a cartoon of ourselves and then made it out of fabric.  Cheryl is a gracious, knowledgeable and giving person in the quilt industry so when she posted a blog about an hour or so ago to join her on this journey I said YES!

This is the 3rd year for this challenge (my first) and you will be able to keep up with all the participants if you will check back to her blog post where she will be updating with all the fun blogs out there in cyperland. Many of the bloggers you may already know, several you may stumble upon due to this challenge and discover you’ve found your crafting soul mate or at least an entertaining one! I think it’s going to be fun and I am eager to read and learn from others!


Trying to keep this short and sweet. If you are new to The Quilt Rambler, welcome…there’s a lot of “Let’s Talk Quilts” on previous blog posts and I hope you will look around and find that you want to stay.

My name is Karen Overton, I’ve been a longarm quilter for hire since 2003, represented a longarm machine company from 2008 to my retirement in 2014, switching gears this past couple of years to focus more on t-shirt quilts, teaching and designing patterns. The one in the photo above is Illuminated Journey and it is made using Studio 180 Design’s Lemoyne Star ruler featuring the beautiful Island Batik fabrics…you will hear a lot about these two companies over the next 31 days!

I’ve always loved to ‘talk quilts’ and dearly love to ramble….so let’s get this party rolling!

Today: The First Day of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Yippee! I am actually starting on time as the challenge begins TODAY! December 1st.

Okay, so here’s a quick look around the (messy) studio just moments ago. #thequiltramblerstudio


T-shirt Quilts
Completed T-shirt quilt with three more prepped to be next in line for Christmas gift giving

This is my busy season as I am making a lot of t-shirt quilts for customers with the fast-approaching deadline of Christmas. On any “normal” year my studio looks like Santa’s Elves have come in at night and thrown things around ( I call it creative clutter) but this year it is compounded with the whirlwind of Hurricane Harvey dumping flood waters into our home and my home studio. If you want to read all about it you can search through my older posts.  We are at the stage of everything is a mess (no walls, the “wood” you see is my exterior shiplap walls). And soon it will be very messier!

Next t-shirt quilt is ready for binding – the next task for today.

And here’s the business side of my studio – just imagine me sitting here every day blogging to you about The Quilt Rambler’s current worldview.

Nothing fancy here – just a computer on a white table – all the cabinets and desks were ruined by flood waters.

Stay Tuned: More tomorrow on the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Wow – that was fast! The goal is to be able to make this a habit to blog more frequently. I’d love to hear what you think and what sort of things draw you to a blog – photos, stories, too short/too long. Inquiring minds want to know (grin). #31dayblogchallenge #2017blogwritingchallenge

Mark this link to see all the participants – be sure to like and follow across social media!

This is Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, Thank you Muppin.Com for the challenge! Your student wants to do you proud (grin)






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2 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Writing Challenge – The Quilt Rambler way

  1. Renee says:

    I stumbled upon the challenge today through a friend’s blog. Your Day 1 post is fabulous. I love the intro. And, I am so sorry the floods did so much damage. Your t-shirt quilts look fantastic!

    My interest in the content of a blog is really what draws me in. I have t-shirts set aside to make quilts for both of my boys, so I’m already hooked. 😉 Ironically, I tend to prefer short blog posts; however, I am insanely verbose in my own. I look forward to reading about your sewing adventures.

    • thequiltrambler says:

      Thanks for joining me on Day 1 Renee! And I especially appreciate the feedback. Part of my goal with this challenge is to go from intermittent novels to frequent short stories ???? I just love to share – and I hope to keep you hooked!

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