Land Locked Quilting Cruise™

The Quilt Rambler began hosting  Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ events at the newly remodeled studio and classroom addition in Bacliff, Texas during the spring of 2019…

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What’s a Land Locked Quilting Cruise™? Glad you asked!  If you haven’t read the blog post about the “maiden voyage” on Valentine’s Day 2019 check out the photos and information here. 

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I dearly love to cruise, and I dearly love teaching. It’s exciting when the two are combined! However, it has come to my attention that many people just don’t like the idea of a cruise. (But if you do, be sure and check our our Onboard Quilting Excursion™ events!) Perhaps you don’t want to be on a ship out in the middle of the ocean, perhaps you had rather sleep in your own bed or in a hotel on land! 

Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ is a “sleep in your own bed” (or prearranged area hotel) sort of retreat with all the color and excitement of a quilting cruise minus the rocking of the ship!

1 Day Adventures or 3 Day Events

Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ events offer the land lover options of 1 day or 3 days of classroom instruction with me, Karen Overton, The Quilt Rambler, featuring exciting projects using the Studio 180 Design tools and techniques.

Each day will offer the feel and excitement of traveling to the islands through the classroom decor (I’m known to play steel drum island music) without having to “get on or off the vessel.”

A class supply list for pattern and precutting instructions will be given prior to the Land Locked Quilting Cruise™ event, with the opportunity to preorder fabric kits where applicable. Details will be in the registration packets specific to the cruise course chosen!

Class size will be limited to 6 students.  Each student will have their own quilting station complete with a sewing machine, all sewing notions including thread, excellent Daylight lighting and the use of ALL the Studio 180 Design tools. Ample space for cutting and ironing stations are provided using state of the art Oliso Professional Irons and Olfa Rotary Cutters. Yep! All necessary supplies are included except fabric and patterns! All you bring is your fabric and a smile!

Eager to welcome you to The Quilt Rambler Studio Classroom!